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Pete Lawrence - 23 Mar 2019


Jeremy Corbyn took a couple of minutes out from Brexit mayhem this week to pay tribute to his friend Colin Dickinson, who died in February. JC describes Colin as "splendid, wonderful and unique"

Despite being in ill health for some time, Colin was always cheerful and upbeat and a devoted activist and enthusiast for music and politics in particular. Although I didn't know him for long, he was always keen to stress his loyalty to the cause and will be fondly remembered by those who worked alongside him as a volunteer at Campfire Convention 001.UK. I have posted the one photo I can find of him (above) in the blue tee shirt enjoying the dancing at the climax of Nadia Chambers and Elizabeth Carter's 'Last Life Quarter' session... somehow fitting.






John Morgan

Very sad to hear about Colin who I met at the first Campfire in Michaelchurch , Hereford. Good to hear Corbyn took time to acknowledge his old friend. RIP Colin.


Pete Lawrence

It's a great tribute

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