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Pete Lawrence - 13 Mar 2019


Notes from our afternoon tea and chocolate meeting 13.03.19 : Pete, Roo, Dan, Amanda


Quick resumé : Early bird / Firestarter ticket now sold out at 30. Tickets on sale at next tier price £75.00. Steering group can have comp ticket or opt to pay for their ticket.

Roo announced that Victoria Hulatt will be working with her coordinating the art

No formal art workshops, instead arts events

Victoria will also bring her labyrinth to the Campout (I interviewed her about her labyrinth work last autumn at Old Tree apple festival so have some good preview footage) 

Roo to get on to Forest School

Amanda offered foraging walks and tea making sessions

Herbalists in Frome?

Shower making workshops?

Brig Oubridge? Green futures....

A form should go online in the next few days which will be usable for people to submit their ideas for event ideas / site content

Programme to be produced in the month before the event - to timetable programme but also leave plenty of free space for radical participation 

Fire & Folk for Hill Campfire (Wednesday / Thursday evening)

Chase Nathan Williams - book for PA main fire area

Sauna - hire...

Sunday Closing Ceremony - Roo would like to facilitate but in conjunction with someone else ... Amanda proposed Anthony Johnson / Paloma. Will chase

Starting to think about food arrangements - Roo to talk to Caroline and Maleesh? 

Interest from Clare Ryalls (Sound Kitchen) and Kelly (Peru to You)

Children's menu

Coffee, pizza to be investigated, Vallis Veg? 

Roo will need driver/s closer to event as runaround

Yoga - Emmaline Maxwell? Phoebe (Amanda daughter) hip-hop yoga? 



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