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What to post where...a beginners' Campfire site map


Here are some pointers for how to make the site work for you. I hope you find them helpful.

Status Updates : Quick, easy, mobile-friendly, now-you-see-it-now-you-don't as it disappears down your wall. Handy for quick personal updates, adding a single photo or link to a video, a hyperlink to an article plus your own comment

Posts : (Can all be created from the 'create a post' button on your profile) More considered, crafted, ideal for blog or comments articles, galleries, video-centric posts, links sets (a neat way of keeping related links in one document)

Posts are taggable, searchable, and you can send them to other parts of the site as well as on your own Profile wall. We encourage you to send them to a Guild editorial team (most are still forming, volunteers welcome!) or The Bugle editor (front of house, 'best of Campfire' magazine) for consideration of inclusion in the Guilds and Bugle. We welcome and value your contributions!

Posts can mix media and add video links, playlists, images from the web or locally uploaded and links and maps

See my own Brian Eno profile as example or @Bruce Bickerton's blog-style post on his camper trip to Northumberland 

Projects : Think of the Project as a container or folder into which you put related articles and resources, add friends as collaborators. We have some exciting plans to develop Projects in the current phase of development, and also to create customisable templates for particular interests : artist (musician, film maker, photographer, fine artist, blogger, health studio, broadcaster, holiday rental etc. Projects are managed in the 'assets and people' tab (name change imminent) within each Project, where pages related to that Project can be ordered, new Posts created, a lead post featured and collaborators added). 

A Project could be a hobby, an idea, a holiday, a place, a resource... whatever you want it to be really.It can public or private, solo or collaborative. It's what subseuqntly goes into it that will give it richness.

Forum Posts : A great way to engage in threaded conversations with the entire community, not just your friends. You can add video embeds, photos, playlists and quote other members text. Two forum views are available - a bird's eye view of all forums under 'view forums' and an all-in-one view of latest activity under 'active topics'. To start a new thread choose your forum, enter it and click 'new topic'

You can now edit and customise what you receive as notifications by going to your 'edit profile' via your avatar and then editing in the notifications tab.

You should be able to tag other members throughout site by adding the @ sign and starting to type the name of the person you want to tag. It should offer you options after a few characters for site members. They will receive a notification that you have tagged them. There are a couple of issues of tagging not working on certain mobiles which we're looking into.

Please report any bugs and make any suggestions and give your feedback in the 'Reporting Site Bugs and Suggestions' forum




Michelle Spriddell

thanks for this guide Pete - will new members receive a simple cheat sheet for using the site ? - maybe it can be one of the options in your account page - ?


Pete Lawrence

Site map is @Michelle Spriddell . Does that constitute a 'cheat sheet'?

New members will get links to to let help pages such as FAQs in their sign up email and there is also the 'About Campfire' microsite bottom left of every page which also has handy references and links

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