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Uploading a post


Uploading a post - tagging and selection options

Creating a post and then assigning it to the correct place/s on the site is all about the tagging and selection options.

Unlike the simple 'Status Update' option on your wall, a Post is available from the 'Create Content' button on the bottom right of your large cover image on your Profile as well as the ability create Projects and Events from this place.

You will notice that there are various post types which all allow you to create a different style of document. Of these ARTICLE (the default) covers all bases allowing you (in the body of the article) to add videos embeds, images from your own device or already line plus embeds of external articles.

The only other post type you may wish to use is if you wish to have a page of bookmarked links. Two examples of Links Sets are Frome Resources and a recent Campfire Book Club reading list


A feature image will automatically show at the top of the page and as the default thumbnail in previews. All posts benefit massively from a good, landscape dimension feature image, at least 2000 pixels across.

You can drop an image, video thumbnail, or link to an article into the body of your post wherever you want, by using the 'image' and 'insert media embed' buttons

You can add a gallery which will appear after the main article. Galleries can be viewed as a slideshow or in full screen mode. 

Saving as a draft

If your article / post is a work-in-progress, you can click to save and then find the unpublished post in 'My Stuff' in the secondary menu on your Profile page. Tou can click the article title for a preview or the edit pencil to go straight in to edit mode.

Visibility across site for Posts

The default visibility is to appear only on your own Profile but our ethos is about sharing creativity and information around the Campfire so we'd encourage you to make others aware of your creative genius. If you would like the post to be considered for publication in the overall site magazine, The Bugle, then select from the 'themes' (don't worry too much about which theme or even selecting one as the Bugle editor can assign)

If you think the article is useful to the community in general, selecting 'Library' in the visibility window will flag your Post for the Librarian.

If you would like to save it as a personal 'resource' select the checkbox for resources under 'Visibility'. You will then see it in your Resources tab on your Profile page. (further tagging is possible by identifying the Resource type)



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