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Trailblazing - a 10 point plan



Trailblazer politics isn’t a political party - it’s about re-imagining politics as it should be. It places about hope, positivity and pragmatic solutions centrestage, a national movement for change with potential to become international.

We envisage something way more exciting than dinosaur political parties. No longer Punch and Judy politics, which party to vote for, how to form progressive alliances.

The movement is about people, representing themselves, moving forwards together.

It should be :

1 Progressive. A society run by all, for all, grounded in common sense and integrity.

2 Independent. Working outside the existing outmoded party political structure and tribal dogma.

3 Local. Respect for democracy at grass roots level, localised communities working within a global interconnected framework.

4 Empowering. Working for the good of all, creating and nurturing a participatory environment where people feel they have a voice and can make a difference through liquid democracy.

5 Humanistic. A greener, more empathic society moving away from materialism and profit as primary drivers, celebrating its spiritual elements and natural beauty, supporting renewables and working for peace through conflict resolution. 

6 Collaborative. Encouraging complementary skills and knowledge, bringing people together via mutual support mechanisms and initiatives which reward their own members through measured input. 

7 Diverse. Joining the dots but respecting the differences, bringing to the table a range of viewpoints and experience.

8 Connected. A self-sufficient networked community that maximises technology and networking, enabling co-ordination and exchange, supporting creative commons and open source approaches.

9 Resourceful. Building collective wisdom through learning and ideas development. Building life tools through accurate news formulation and dissemination. 

10 Fun. What’s living for if not to enjoy life and all it has to offer? People should value being engaged and feel good about themselves, focus on hope and reject fear.

We are collectively working towards a framework for real and radical evolutionary change. A framework is not easily formulated or agreed but we are actively seeking your involvement for discussion to realise pragmatic ways of making these changes immediate and meaningful.




Suzi Glantz

You've articulated my thoughts and aspirations for a better world extremely succinctly @petelawrence - I've been so sick of party politics for so long and talked about the very same stuff as above to so many people, especially when asked why I haven't involved myself in politics for years! Thanks x


Samantha Roddick

i am doing something like this already called ' inspire and conspire ' for the political kitchen community - i hold events for up to 60/70 people in my home half are freinds then the other half are friends of friends we have been gathering sice novemeber and are holding a vsion workshop soon - this monday peter and annabell are coming to talk to us about flat pack democracy - we have set up letter writing workshops and are planning art and activist salon as well as a salon which is sifting through digtal truths and dangers - how to be effective on the internet - we have a hugely diverse community of over 500 active people half of who i know it is getting bigger and bigger - maybe we should talk of how to feed people to your platform and what you are up too and join together x


Samantha Roddick

ps i am very excited about what you are up to x fanatsic to be here and happy to put energy in x


Pete Lawrence

Great to welcome you to the site, @samantha roddick (sam)@
You can read tips, links and FAQs here
and a welcome article here
Yes, let's talk more


Peter Macfadyen

These 10 points have useful syncronicity with Alternativet (the Danish political party)'s core values:

1. Courage. Courage to look problems in the eye. But also courage about the future we share.
2. Generosity. Everything which can be shared will be shared with anyone interested.
3. Transparency. Everybody should be able to look over our shoulders. Both on good and on bad days.
4. Humility. To the task. To those on whose shoulders we stand. And to those who will follow us.
5. Humour. Without humour there can be no creativity. Without creativity there can be no good ideas. Without good ideas there can be no creative power. Without creative power there can be no results.
6. Empathy. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Looking at the world from that point of view. And creating win-win solutions for everyone.
The values are not just there to be brought out on special occasions. The six core values must be constant indicators that are visible in our daily political work – in the way we think, speak and act. From debate, to political initiatives and to the way we campaign.

Theirs are more focussed on the 'I' while Pete's are more on the 'we'..... both are neccessary.... I'll have a think about how they combine, or can flow between each other depending on the moment of application.


Pete Lawrence

Obviously a great deal of synergy here, @Peter Macfadyen
Have a read of, the article a result of brainstorming with @Indra Adnan last week via Skype. We included the Danish Alternativet values..

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