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Ten things you can do on Campfire


This guide may be useful for new members who might feel overwhelmed when they join and haven't yet got to grips with the plethora of features available, in that Campfire isn't like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where you can mainly do basic status updates or tweets or publish photos. On Campfire there are a variety of things you can do. Here's a digest to a few key features:


1 Set your homepage as a bookmark and post a status update

Check out your Profile,(home) page which you can get to at any time by clicking your avatar or the Campfire logo top left. You can do most things from here - edit your profile, avatar, cover image, biog and notification preferences as well as see posts you have made and from friends and those you choose to follow. Status updates are a little like Facebook or Twitter in that they are mobile friendly and also perfect for short updates, for adding links to other pages, for uploading a photo or a link to a video.

If you're browsing on an iPhone you can save a Campfire quick link icon on your home screen by hitting the upwards arrow in a box while on your Profile page and then 'Add to Home Screen' 

2 Browse the Bugle : Campfire's collective voice

The Bugle is our site magazine and features articles which reflect a wealth of different subjects from the arts to self-improvement, travel to politics. You can submit articles to The Bugle when you publish an article in the 'visibility' menu. Let's make this a platform for diverse community journalism with a radical vision for what social networking could be like.

3 Make friends

Campfirers are generally a friendly bunch. If you've browsed The Bugle you may already have an idea of some of the people you'd like to 'friend' and make contact with. You can do this by clicking on their avatar at the top of each article or if you want to browse members, go to Guilds in top menu > Campfire Community Guild and click on the members tab. You will see who is on the site, in chronological order of joining and you can send requests to link up from that page. If you follow as well as friend, this gives you a way of filtering to receive less posts on your wall, if you choose to adjust the view to only those you follow.

Campfire is equally about real life events as well as online, so get in touch with members locally via a Beacon or browse the Campfire section of the Bugle (filter by section name) to see what members have been doing.

4 Complete your profile : Let members know what you're about 

Add your personalised avatar, cover image, biography, CV and influences (under 'basic info') as well as setting your location by town or postcode. This will give you a bespoke view of anything that is happening near you via the Beacons page - actual Beacons set up in your area, events, members and locally tagged Projects.

You can also adjust your notification preferences if you want to receive less and you have a high degree of control over how much you are notified about.

Remember to 'save' to add changes.

5 Check out Beacons around you

Click on the Beacons link in the top menu to see a map of what is around you (it will default to a local view if you have set your location by postcode or town in your Profile settings). Sort by Beacons and you will see if there is one of the first local groups in your area (this is the most recent Campfire feature so still gathering momentum). You can then click on that to enable you to join the Beacon if you'd wish or see articles / members / discussion. 

Setting up a Beacon

6 Create a Post

This functionality is at the heart of Campfire and can be found via the magic button 'Create Content' located on the right of your Profile's cover photo at the bottom. You can check the differences between a status update and a post and their visibility options (along with many other tips and tutorials) in the FAQs document in the Library. Remember that your status updates will only be seen in the newsfeed of your friends whereas by sending an article to The Bugle and Guilds you will have a wider potential audience).  

The default post type is 'article' which covers most things you'd need and you can insert rich media (videos, photos (from the web or your own) and thumbnail links to websites and articles into your own piece wherever you want. 

If you're not confident of how your post will look, you can save it unpublished in draft form and find it via the 'My Stuff' tab on your Profile page (under publish status = No). You can view how the post will look from here or go straight to 'edit' to resume working on the piece.

Once you've built up a few Posts, these (and Projects) the 'Portfolio' tab on your Profile page allows you to create your own space for showcasing your most important creativity in one space

7 Find member content and join the discussion

The filter tags down the left margin of your Profile are the 'key interests' you selected when you first signed up (these can be edited by going to 'edit Profile' in the top right pull down menu below your avatar) and these are all active links to content on the site, tagged with that specific key interest. 

Please feel free to comment on and / or light a post you like. Feedback is useful for the writer / poster and interaction is usually positive! 

Tagging members (so they receive a notification that you have commented on them or their content) can be done by using the @ symbol and then beginning to type their name.. you will be offered their tag, hit return and leave in the @ that follows their name. 

8 Browse the Library and learn more about Campfire's features and ethos

Have a look around our Library (top menu) for tips and tutorials on how to use the site. You can filter tags in the left hand margin to find stuff by topic, by post type etc - ie 'Campfire' 'Tutorials' and also add a further filter from the top menu - ie 'video'. The FAQs document in the Library is useful for how to maximise Campfire's features.

At the footer of every page, you will find an 'About Campfire' section which explains our big picture vision, or values and principles and our membership model as well as links to a variety of other useful resources.

There is also a site map in the Library which may help you find your way around. 

9 Start a Blog

Why not unleash your creative juices and share an opinion piece or a reflection on something that has been on your mind or in the news? Travel blogs make good reading too. Projects make good blog holders. @Kimm Fearnley's blog of trip to Nepal is recorded in her Everest Trekking 2018 Project and all articles inter-relate). I've just started my own occasional blog too. 

10 Create a Project

It might be an event, or a campaign, or a new idea. Think of the Project as a container, into which you can put as many or as few posts as you like. You can also add collaborators to your Project, who can post directly to it too. And other members can follow yor Project. You are able to message all collaborators and / or followers via our site messaging system (click messages button below your avatar on your Profile page) 


Enjoy Campfire! ...


Here's a quick (and slightly ragged) screen share recording I made on a recent introduction...




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