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Our first podcast : Firecast 001


Welcome to our first Firecast - bringing you the best from the Campfire Community

And there’s lots of it at the moment - things are really hotting up following the launch of our social network last month

A quick browse of our site magazine The Bugle will confirm the creativity and talent already stepping up to contribute features

This firecast brings you members Hi 5’s - we ask you to talk about what you're up to in under 5 minutes

We hear from Bruce Bickerton about his house move and new Alucidnation project.

we discuss the the food industry - “a perfect storm of politics and fashion” as described the Richard Garnett from The Community Farm in Somerset - where we hope to be doing an event next summer.

We kick off with to our patron Brian Eno about what attracted him to our event where he delivered a keynote speech last summer - and the wealth of new social ideas that he has already encountered around the Campfire.

Let the sparks fly…

Music courtesy of :
Bruce Bickerton - Alucidnation : All at Sea
Pete Lawrence - Sambaesque (unreleased)





Laird Salmon

Is there any embed code that i could have to enable the podcast to be embedded on my website?

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