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Introducing Beacons


We have launched our Campfire Beacons.

Opening this Beacons link will take you to a map, which defaults to your own location (if entered in your Profile). It allows you to see a range of activity around your area - which members are based locally (privacy is respected in that members can enter a postcode or town / city / village without having to state their exact location), which Beacons are operative locally, which Projects are tagged in your area and any related events. Campfire has only recently launched so you are seeing the first geolocation-based activity.

To enter / edit your location, go to 'edit profile' from your home / profile page and adjust the map settings. We are adding a roaming location to the map functionality which will also appear in a mini-map window on your Profile.

As you move the map away from your default local area, you can see Beacons, activity, members, events etc in other areas.

If there is no Beacon in your area, please feel free to set one up and invite local members (the name Beacon will automatically appear after your local area name)

The proposed Beacons idea comes out of discussions at Campfire Circle 003.UK. The idea is to create voluntary teams promoting participation in the keys local areas of Campfire and the decision making processes attached to each. For instance the London Beacon was the first to be set up by @Mia Manners for coordinating Campfire-related activity in the capital. 

Any member can join the Beacon if they'd like to contribute :

1 Local-based posts - articles, campaigns, initiatives, resources.

2 Planning and working on local Campfire events.

3 Identifying local issues.

4 Becoming a local resource to connect like-minds. 

5 Identifying local movers and shakers who can get things done.

Beacons can be co-owned and admins are able to curate all elements of the Beacon, approving submitted material, mailing and informing members of local activities and initiatives.

Beacons are distinct from Circles which are our organising teams

If you would like to create a new Beacon, there are further details on how to do that

or if you would like to sign up for an existing Beacon please go to the main Beacons map and sign up page





kirsty hawkshaw

Hi folks, I would like to become a beacon for Chesham :) How do I go about sorting this out. last night was brilliant i'm still aglow xxx


Pete Lawrence

@kirsty hawkshaw - Beacons are coming - very soon! We will let everyone know when they appear...


Andrew Whitefield

Hi! I created a beacon and saved it as a draft. I can't now find it though. Where should I look?

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