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How to use Projects


Use your Projects pages as spaces you can bring together a variety of pages on your work and play interests.

Use Campfire's Projects' as your central creative space through which an idea can be conceptualised, played with, discussed, developed and ultimately realised.  

Projects are containers into which you can pull a variety of different posts - articles, galleries, playlists, links sets, for example. Start, as you with a post, on your own Profile page via the 'create content' button 

A Project can be as wide in scope as the imagination allows but they don't have to be anything mega, innovative or significant.  And they don’t have to be public, so you can keep things entirely to yourself (in 'draft' mode) if you just want to use them for reference.

Equally they can used to build an idea privately or publicly or as a resource collection, a primer or introduction for others to learn about and get a rounded view of something you’re passionate about. Or a speculative wish-list.

They can simply be a place to put a series of photos, bookmarks, playlists or posts together in one container.

Essentially,  they are a place (in the same way as a folder, scrapbook, pinboard, even blog) to keep your stuff, to save related posts and documents together. 

You might want to set up a Project around art, music, a favourite sport or team, shopping, your favoured recipes, fashion trends, holidays, places you love, influences, design ideas, living spaces, health, business or green issues. Projects are relevant to all members.  

Add co-owners, collaborators or followers. Or chart a historical Project that has already taken place and open it up to collaborative input.

This may well be the unwritten story, the dream, the little acorns of an idea that is yet to grow into a mighty oak. Our project pages are geared to realising your dreams and visions. Taking an idea from conceptual stage through to actualisation. So whether it’s a formative business idea, a walking weekend in the Lake District, plan it and build it as a Project and pull everything together in one place.

Work and play begin to merge…

In an age where security of employment by larger companies is becoming more and more tenuous, people are increasingly looking at other ways of potentially earning a living, going through periods of soul searching and often examining the feasibility of applying commercial logic to their own hobbies and interests, and we hope that our Projects space can act as a catalyst for sparking new initiatives and concepts.


The empowerment and possibilities offered by a community at its optimum is a key cornerstone here. One of my experiences within The Big Chill festival community on its late lamented but ever-lively forum was that members often felt a strong sense of validation and buoyancy through the encouragement of those around them, especially when it came to the really important life-changing decisions – for instance, whether to quit a job which made them unhappy and take the step of becoming self-employed. I lost count of the number of times I heard people saying that they would never have taken the plunge without the support and encouragement of those alongside them.

Steps to creating a Project

1 Have a look at some other Projects (via top menu and Projects) go to 'Create a Project' either from this page or via your own Profile. The page you create will be your container into which you can add a variety if different content, so any 'description' text you write will show on the left hand margin. It's good to have a brief description of the Project, distinct from the summary text. The description text would appear down the left hand margin of the Project and usually works best as a paragraph or two explaining the context. Keep it brief and succinct. 

2 Go back to your own Profile page and click 'Create Content' button. You can then add articles, playlists, videos, galleries, links sets around a theme..whatever you want to be included. Be sure to tick the Projects box in the 'visibility' column of your posts as you upload it and then select the chosen Project bottom right 'Link to Projects' (pull down menu which will offer any of your own Projects created). You may, of course, already have created some posts which you'd now like to include. In both cases follow step 3 to add them.

3 You can then choose a lead post via the 'Assets and People' tab from inside your Project to add in articles you've linked to your Project and also weight your other chosen pages to show within the Project container in priority order. If adding a new post, go to  'Manage Project' > 'Add new article" then go to 'current articles' tab to order and add in (plus button)

4 You can also add collaborators via the "Assets and People' tab

5 You can chat with other Project members on the Discussion wall

6 You can add 'Events' related to the Project in that Project's calendar

7 You can also 'bookmark' key pages via the 'Resources' tab

Project or article?

It is worth considering keeping some Projects in draft form, if they're more private work projects, for example. Ideally you would publish them once they have some significant content or at least an lead article or two inside, a feature image... Or if you are looking for or inviting collaborators.

Adding posts to your Project

Create a post as you normally would, via your Profile or from within a Project (under the 'Manage Project' tab). Once you've sent it to that Project (by selecting Project in 'visibility' menu and then choosing which Project further down the page) you then go to the Project and 'Manage Project' > 'Add new article"

Once you have added a new article it will appear in the 'current articles' tab, from which you can add it (+ button) and order where it appears within your Project by weighting (the higher the minus number the earlier on the page it appears) or you can check 'lead post' to fill the front page of your Project.

Joining someone else's Project

If you see a Project you fancy contributing to, send the own a message via the 'contact owner' button on the front page of the Project. They should then send add you to the Project as a collaborator.

You can then :

1 Send a post to the Project by sending to the Project (check the Project box in the 'visibility' list when you 'create a post') and it will show up as an option every time you create a post. As a collaborator you have admin rights too so can add your own post simply by going through the same process ('manage project' > 'add new article'). It would then appear in the Project and it's placement can be controlled via the weighting options available in the 'current articles' tab

2 Chat or post comments on the 'discussion wall' 





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