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How to get started : Status updates and posts


Welcome to Campfire. If you're a new member, we hope you quickly discover the many things you can do on the site and start to enjoy its features. Here's a quick primer on how to get started...

Editing Profile

Once you have registered and selected your Guilds by ticking your favoured key interests you can return to your profile at any time to change these preferences ('edit profile' in menu from your avatar top right of the page). From here you can also edit your biog, your CV (a good place to list your primary historical workplaces and projects), your influences and your short description.

Status Updates

The simplest and quickest way to add presence on the site is to post a status update. You'll find it at the top of your wall and you can add your own updates, strip in a URL to post external (or Campfire) content. We advise adding your own preview text to set the scene for any linked article so that other members can understand why you're posting it. You can also add a Vimeo or YouTube video by pasting the URL to accompany any preview text and similarly, you can add a photo and related text from here.

Creating Content

Premium members are able to create more content via the pull down menu at the far right of your large cover image on your Profile page. This enables you to create a Post, create a Project, or create an Event.

The 'Create a Post' upload document may look slightly daunting on first viewing but is actually quite simple and it's worth remembering that you don't have to check boxes in every section. The default option will post it to your wall, providing you have given the post a title and minimal content. You can also direct it to your own Projects once they are started, or send it to a Guild editor if relevant, send it to The Bugle (that's our overall site magazine) editorial team or if you think it will be a useful reference document, check the 'resource' option if you'd like to save it as a 'bookmark' for you personally or for a Guild, or check 'library' if you think it may be of benefit as a community resource. 

Tagging posts and checking relevant key interests boxes aren't essential either but they all help other members to find relevant content more easily and to filter the collective wisdom that we will be aiming to build up.

You can manage and edit all your posts via the ‘My Stuff’ tab on your Profile.

Filtering your wall

If you quickly add friends and start to follow other members, you will find that your wall starts to get rather busy. You can easily filter what you can see on your wall to show only your own posts or alternatively, those who you are following or just your friends. The default view will show all available. When others visit your wall their default view will be just your own posts.

Checking activity

The bell icon (top right, just beside your avatar) will give you the latest notifications (likes, comments, friend requests/acceptances, event invitations, Guild and Project updates, etc) and you can also view these in the 'notifications' tab on your wall.


We have 16 Guilds in all, covering a wide range of common interests. Read more on how you can take an active part in our Guilds here

Friends and followers

Any community works best if you have friends around you, so why not dive in and send a few friend requests?  If you visit the 'members' tab in a Guild, you'll see who the members are. Everyone who joins the site is automatically signed up to the Campfire Community Guild but you may wish to seek friends from one of our Guilds that you joined on sign-up based on your chosen key interests). You can also use the search window to find people who you may know are already on the site (click 'users' rather than 'content' once you've entered their name in the search window). 

We hope to build up a full range of tutorial articles once we open our doors so please get in touch if you'd like to help assemble or curate that.

Enjoy exploring around the Campfire!





Cathryn Butler

Thanks for this Campfire 101: positive, encouraging and informative enough to make a confident start :-)


Claire Stevens

Clear and easy to follow. Step in and give it a go..

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