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The Library is a curated area for essential resources, from site tutorials to Campfire related events and policies. In time, we aim to expand the Library as a wide-ranging knowledge base.
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How to browse in the Library


Our Library is designed to build up our own collective wisdom as a community. Like most other libraries, we expect to gather a wealth of information and reference material and will be looking for librarians and curators to keep it vital and tidy. 

Like other 'magazine' sections of the community we will have an editorially curated front end with a revolving array of featured articles in the prime positions. 

Using our Library as a resource starts by creative use of the tags and filters in the left page margin and above. So if you're looking for help documents and information on how to get started with Campfire's site,  simply click in Campfire under 'Resource Interests'  and then 'tutorials' under 'Resource Types'.  'Content Types' from the top menu will give you a third layer of filtering possibility so if you just wanted to find 'articles relating to your search they could be selected from this pull-down menu.

Despite the site only being open to a handful of beta testers there are already a variety of subject tags being created under Resource Interests which correspond to the Key Interest taxonomy that members are offered on sign up. In this way we can start to put together useful links on articles and bookmarks relating to health, environment, travel, economics, sustainability, money saving and recipes, as examples. As more advanced freeform tagging expands across site, we will find new and more evolved ways of grouping content.





Cathryn Butler

How long did it take to organise a "respectable" row of books to photograph for this post? ;-)


Pete Lawrence

About ten minutes!


Katherine Lucy Sang

I love this space!

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