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Greek island Campfire?


Following some favourable pressure on another social network, interest has been expressed in organising a week or long weekend in the Cyclades, as a Campfire gathering and possible Big Chill reunion too. Would you be interested in coming?

It's now now 15 years since the last of three Big Chill parties in Naxos. They were glorious, spontaneous, wayward affairs that were life-changing for many. I know of at least ten marriages and long term partnerships that came out of those events, as well as lifelong friendships and partnership break-ups too. the first year even co-incided with the Greek ferry disaster which made the front pages of our papers back home and all over the world. We missed it by one day! I've written a chapter on these momentous events in my forthcoming book but in the meantime, I'm wondering whether the time is right to go back out there and celebrate a different age and mood. 

As some of you know, I have connections to the neighbouring island of Paros and would be prepared to look into finding a hotel venue that can host us in late September / early October at the end of the season (I'm travelling to the island in April). The weather is usually still warm and sunny and around 20-25 degrees by day with most evenings still suitable for outdoor activity. 

In Campfire style we would organise conversations, talks and panels in the daytime and party under the stars after dinner. 

If you're interested in coming or helping organise, let's discuss it here. 

If not this year, maybe next?





Pete Lawrence

Me? Or you surely @Sharon Prendergast ?


Sharon Prendergast

Predictive text....this phone is driving me mad!

Yes, it's me. Quite excited really. :-)


Sharon Prendergast

Sounds interesting and fun ... Provided I can juggle dates and finances. I have been elected to go to the Labour covered in September so possible clash, however.


Nadia Chambers

Depending on dates - yes!

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