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Forum sofa sessions


Forum Sofa Sessions are Campfire's alternative to Any Questions / Question Time. An online Q&A using our own forum.

  • A weekly forum session (Tuesday 20:00 has been proposed)
  • Five key topics would be suggested for discussion in advance - some fun, some more serious. Separate threads for each.
  • We would also invite a guest to the sofa each week - people or organisations who are doing interesting things, creating new initiatives, bucking the norm, thinking differently, changing stuff, bringing people together. This could be an existing member or someone we invite in who hasn't been on the site previously.
  • We’d look to nominate topics and guests in advance. 

If you have any suggestions for topics or people you'd like to see invited to the Q&A session - either exiting members or other people you'd like to see invited in for 90 minutes to be in the hot seat.

The idea is to get the forum up and running, pre-launch and show people how useful the (hopefully!) fast-flowing conversations on here can be. By stating a time when we can gather people on the site at an appointed time, we can all contribute to the thread concurrently and see how much traction we can get. 

The guest questions would ideally be put to them in advance but that's not to preclude asking some on the fly. We'd just need a member as moderator 

If you have suggestions please add them to the forum thread 

On Tuesday 29th August we luanch with @Indra Adnan from The Alternative UK



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