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Thanks to the 70 or so who came and participated in a very constructive and enjoyable day at Union Chapel. Here are some photos of the daytime event. The fire is well and truly lit.

"I’ve just had a mind blowing extraordinary day at a Campfire Convention ‘Reimagining our World’ conference in Union Chapel, Islington. I’ve learned so much and have been saturated in the wisdom of good people doing good work in the world" Liv Torc

"Inspiring stuff,,... my heart is bursting" Lucy Sage

"Fabulous people, great engagement, loved it. You need to raise the subscription cost on your website." Lucille Glenn

" Last time I was at the Union Chapel I was learning how to be a clown. This time talking about co-living in an increasingly disconnected world at the Campfire Convention, with honest, challenging and fruitful discussions from people with passionate views on the direction of things. Moving, alarming, calming and arresting. Hope my clown training worked when needed, and stayed in the box when not! Look forward to more soon." Ben O'Sullivan

"The weekend at Union Chapel, Islington has given me more hope for social change in the near future than I've had for a long time. #inspiring #socialnetwork #newfriends #greatplans" Manda Graham

"It was a fabulous event! Thank you!" Kimm Fearnley

"We’ve worked together and been friends for a long time - you have always held space for people and this is undoubtedly your finest most purposeful creation. Proud to know you this is the beginning of something seizmic." Eugenie Arrowsmith

"I had a brilliant time making new friends and learning about new ideas and initiatives. The storytelling, poetry and thinkshops were all wonderful as was the impromptu choir. A real gem of a day." Azka Malik

"A wonderful affirming and thought provoking day." Ralph Pettingill

"It was a great day" Lehla Etheridge

"Thanks Pete and thanks also to all the people that gave their time and knowledge on panels, filming, entertaining, providing the lovely always it’s all about people giving of themselves and the fab things that happen when they come together" Bryony Croft

"Great day and evening. Much food for thought." Clare Ryalls




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