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Campfire Guilds and magazines


Campfire Convention development work is truly under way and we will be looking to invite a few Pioneers to help shape the community within the next few weeks. Campfire Convention is about creativity, interaction and exchange, nurturing ideas, developing Projects and having fun! 

The heart of the Campfire will revolve around our 16 Guilds and each one will have the opportunity to develop its own editorial voice.

Each Guild will have :

1 Its own magazine, made up of editorially sourced and posted status updates (current topical 'found' content - the pulse of each Guild) along with more in depth articles, blogs, galleries, videos, playlists. members can like, share and comment on these updates.

2 A forum for deeper discussion. Any member can start a thread and / or comment.

3 A resources page - bookmarked articles and links relevant to each Guild

4 Specific Guilds events calendar

5 Its own editor / editorial team who will give each Guild its own unique flavour


Posting to a Guild

Members can send a post or an article to any Guild you are a member of for editorial consideration by checking the 'Guilds' box in the 'visibility' column (top right in 'Create a Post' document) and then by selecting which one Guild you would like to nominate it for (bottom right on the 'Create a Post' page). Your submitted post will then be subject to editorial approval at the moderation stage and you will receive a notification if accepted. You can mail the editors via the 'contact editor' button on the cover of each Guild.

Status updates in the Guilds are made only by the editors but all members can 'like' and 'comment'.


Creative group of Guilds : Sound, Vision, Word, Perform, Art & Craft

Leisure group of Guilds : Explore, Taste, Home, Play, Style,

Tools For Life group of Guilds : Inform, Maximise, Tech, Connect, Balance,

Community : Campfire Community


Potential Guilds editorial roles

1 An overview of your chosen interest

2 Selecting content for regular postings on the Guild’s wall. Top external links and promotion of related content with the Campfire site

3 Commissioning articles on Guild related subjects from members

4 Reading articles by members tagged with associated ‘key interest’ tags. 

5 Curating Guild magazine. Adding and publishing relevant articles, making certain articles sticky, writing leader columns

6 Supporting associated Project development

7 Enabling connections, spotting trends, analysing available data

8 Developing a ‘house’ style for the Guild

9 Promoting the Guild and CC on other platforms

10 Identify potential moderators (for forums and comments) and editorial team members. Forum etiquette.

11 Editorial management, legals, tagging, copy editing. 

12 Curate and edit any submitted resources (ie links pages)

13 Review and add to taxonomy (tags, categories)

The overall Campfire magazine, The Bugle will draw from the best content across Guilds and Projects and will be edited and moderated.

If you are interested in applying to be one of our Guild editorial team, please drop me a line



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