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Campfire : Frequently Asked Questions



Campfire FAQs

How to get to grips with site and make the most of its features. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.



Where do I find tutorials?

Go to the Library and select left hand margin filters ‘Tutorials’ and ‘Campfire’

There are three tutorial videos narrated by founder Pete Lawrence available at

And a short starter video here

How do I complete my Profile?

Below your avatar (top right) is the Edit Profile option.  Then on the ‘Basic Info’ tab, you will be able to add and edit your profile and cover image, biog, CV, forum signature and ‘you in 5 words’

How can I see which members are on the site?

Go the Guilds > Campfire Community Guild > Members - here you will see everyone who is on the site, in chronological order of joining. You also friend and follow fellow members from this page

What's the difference between a status update and a post?

Status Updates are immediate, usually more spontaneous and easily done on a mobile or tablet. They are not taggable and only appear on your own wall or a Guild wall (editors only can post them in Guilds)

Posts reward a more considered approach, whether a blog article, a review, a feature, a gallery, a playlist, a news report or opinion piece or a combination of any or all of those. Posts are taggable and more easily filterable / searchable and can also be sent to The Bugle, a Project, Guild or your own Portfolio.

You can create a Post (as well as Project or Event) by clicking the Create Content button on your Profile / Home Page

How to get started : Status Updates and Posts

Creating a Post

How do the Guilds work?

There are 15 Guilds on Campfire, broken down into Creative / Leisure / and Tools for Life plus a mandatory Campfire Community Guild.

Each Guild has :

1 Its own magazine, made up of editorially sourced and posted status updates (current topical 'found' content - the pulse of each Guild) along with more in depth articles, blogs, galleries, videos, playlists. members can like, share and comment on these updates.

2 A forum for deeper discussion. Any member can start a thread and / or comment.

3 A resources page - bookmarked articles and links relevant to each Guild

4 Specific Guild events calendar

5 Its own editor / editorial team who will give each Guild its own unique flavour

Guilds and their magazines

How can I become a Guild editor and what is involved?

Editing a Guild can be relatively simple and you can devote as much time as you like to it. Learn more

How do Projects work?

Use Campfire's Projects' as your central creative space through which an idea can be conceptualised, played with, discussed, developed and ultimately realised.  

Projects should be seen as containers into which you can pull a variety of different posts - articles, galleries, playlists, links sets, for example. Start, as you with a post, on your own Profile page via the 'create content' button. 

Learn more about Projects

How much control do I have over the notifications I receive?

Campfire gives you a wide degree of flexible control over what updates come through the notifications tab on your Profile. Go to your avatar (top right) and select ‘edit profile’ from the pull-down menu, then select ‘notifications’ and you can uncheck what you do not wish to receive.

How do I use the forums?

Our guide to how to use the forum

How can I tag another user?

Type @ and start to type the person’s name you want to tag. Options should come up predictively after two or three characters are typed in. Don't take out the @ after the name or the tag won't work!  They have the option to receive a notification that you have tagged them.

How do I use the Library?

Our library is a curated space, which aims to build useful reference resources and collective wisdom. Use the flters to search. 

Learn more

How do I post to The Bugle and Guilds?

We would strongly encourage members to send their Posts to the Bugle and Guild editors for visibility to a wider audience beyond their circle of friends. From the ‘Create Content’ button on your Profile (and then Create a Post’) document you can send posts / articles to both The Bugle and Guild editors for consideration (we would encourage you to do this as we are always looking for good content) by selecting the ‘Visibility’ options (top right)

When should I make a post visible in Resources and Library?

If you think you would like to ‘bookmark’ your article for your own or your selected Guild’s easy reference, select ‘Resources’. If you think your post / article is a useful community resource for Campfire, please submit it to the Library for moderation.

How can I resize images if I don’t have image editing software? is free and easy to use. Go to ‘browse’ to upload a photo from your own device which can be re-sized, manipulated and saved, as desired.

For galleries, a minimum of 2000 pixels wide is recommended (larger images look better full screen) but can also be ‘saved for web’ in Photoshop or other editing software to reduce the file size and ease the load on the server.

Can I easily find posts and articles with specific interest tags?

The key interests you selected when you first signed up, which determined the Guilds you are a member of (and can be edited via your ‘edit profile’ tab) are visible in the left margin of your Profile wall. These are all clickable hot links to all content on the site with those specific tags. The general ‘search’ button also works well for finding content.

How do I create an Event?

All members have their own calendar, all Guilds have their own calendar (only editors can add and edit Guild events) and all Projects have their own Calendar. A new personal event can be created from the ‘Create Content’ button on your own Profile wall as well as a Project-related event in the Projects splash page (then within your own Projects by clicking ‘events’ tab) or a Guild-related event from within a Guild (events tab, editors only). All events created by you will show in your own personal Calendar.

What events do Campfire put on and can I meet Campfirers I've met here?

Campfire Conversations take place all over the country and are soon to travel overseas. We have set up a Project to collate information and resources

More about Campfire Conversations and how you can easily host one

Concept    2017 schedule   Format

Campfire Circle team meetings – held three times a year

Campfire Convention – the main annual outdoor gathering

Campfire Kindling – Campfire children and youth Project

How can I get involved and organize a Campfire Conversation?


How do I manage my Portfolio?

Once you have started to build up a selection of Posts and Projects, you can edit your Portfolio (found on your Profile wall, fourth tab in the sub-menu) to display your best or priority work. When another member accesses your Profile, viewing your Portfolio is a convenient way to get a snapshot of what you want them to see about your work or hobbies.

What are Campfire Beacons and how can I get involved?

After our Circle meeting in November 2016, it was suggested that we start to organise into Beacon teams to hep organise and input into the major areas of Campfire website and events. Thanks to @Louise Scrivens for the name 

What’s the ethos behind Campfire and how is it different?

Have a read : How is Campfire different?

How our membership model can work

Our ethos : draft

What is the Campfire ‘kudos’ scheme and how might it reward my input?

The Kudos scheme, in development, is designed to directly reward input and member activity, whether writing, posting, editing, volunteering once the organisation goes into profit. 

I’ve forgotten my password / having difficulty logging in. What do I do?

You will receive a one-time login password if you use “Have you forgotten your password?” option.

From the "Reset Password email" you will have access to the "Edit profile/password” where you can submit and use a new password. 

Remember to hit “Save” at the bottom of the page to save the new password.

If the member doesn’t remember the password, he/she can use some Chrome functionality or apps as to manage website’s password.

The Page "You may not have the necessary permissions to access this page. You may need to login below or register to continue" Will appear if you are not logged into the site.

You then have to login and then accept/decline the invitation.

Admins do not know or have access to passwords.







Andrew Whitefield

I've tried setting my location both in my profile and when creating a beacon. The map doesn't load. I'm using Chrome on a Windows laptop. Would you recommend an alternative browser? I'm thinking Firefox fits better with Campfire's ethos...

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