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Campfire Convention 001.UK : Universal Basic Income panel


Panel 3 Campfire Convention 001.UK 13/08/16

Universal Basic Income A Utopian Vision or a Viable Reality? 

BRIEF: Basic income for all - a universal weekly payment for all eligible citizens - can lead to the kind of creativity needed in the sort of world we would all like to live in.  Would we all qualify and how would we fund it? With rapid technological change and its impact on the number and quality of jobs, we need to reassess our expectations concerning work and its impact on the human spirit. How could BI facilitate an emergent spirit of co-operative intelligence with thriving creative environments. How do we free up people from unsatisfactory jobs to use time most productively to create space where we can do things that please us and earn a living from our ‘art’?

Barb Jacobson is co-ordinator of Basic Income UK and on the board of Unconditional Basic Income Europe, a network of organisations and activists in 25 countries.  She is also an advice worker at a small central London charity which helps people with benefits, housing, and debt. She has been active in community organising since 1982.

Frances Coppola spent many years working for banks and now writes and speaks about banking, finance and economics. She is also a professional singer, musician and teacher.  @Frances_Coppola

Imandeep Kaur is a co-founder of Impact Hub Birmingham, a network of citizens, makers, doers, entrepreneurs, activists and dreamers committed to building a better Birmingham and better world. She is Director of Project 00, [zero zero] - a collaborative studio of architects, strategic designers, programmers, social scientists, economists and urban designers practicing design beyond its traditional borders and was one of the original founding team members that produced Birmingham’s first ever TEDx. 

Daz Long currently works as a tarmacker all over the country. With a background as a child athlete and multiple times champion amateur boxer, nowadays Daz is a qualified volunteer England Amateur Boxing coach in the evenings. He is a dad of three and grandad of six.

Brian Eno was a founding member of Roxy Music, recorded many seminal solo albums and has gone on to become a celebrated producer, sound designer and visual artist. Eno is an activist, who called for an international boycott of Israeli political and cultural institutions.  In 2015, he wrote an article for The Guardian in support of the left-wing candidate Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership contest, and supported a public forum in London, titled "Basic income: How do we get there?", about the benefits and need for a basic income. Hosted by Basic Income UK, it also included economist and Campfire Convention contributor Frances Coppola and anthropologist David Graeber.

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