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Campfire Circles : Organising teams


I first floated this suggestion after our discussions at the November 2016 Campfire Circle meeting in Braunston - the idea of dividing up into organisational teams 

Would this way of organising work? Your feedback is valued.

I have revised the Circles one year on and comments welcome, volunteers especially welcome!

An example of how teams might work...

Ethos : Values, Ts and Cs, privacy, What do we stand for? 

Admin : Company admin, accounts, book keeping

Biz : Planning, company, finance, forecasting

Geeks : Website development , research, issues, software, modules 

Design : Concepts, print, flyers, logos, icons, programmes

PR : Social media, event feeds, promotion and publicity

Organisation : Team meeting co-ordination, tools management, mailing lists, mail blasts

Media : Archiving, film & audio recording, transcribing

Editors : Guild and Bugle editors, content, directives, policy

Mentoring : Tutorials, nurturing new members, sponsorship of new members

Learning : Campfire courses and education

Experience : User experience, analysis. expectations, feedback

Events : Coordinating various events diary - Conversations and Circles

Kindling : Campfire youth gatherings and initiatives 

Global : Campfire worldwide development

Firecasts : Campfire podcast production and content

Sofa Sessions : Campfire forum sofa sessions co-ordination





Andie Brazewell

I think this will be really useful in coordinating action and energising teams in a supportive function - I am happy to join the event and mentoring teams too Pete
Andie x


Pete Lawrence

Brilliant @Andie Brazewell .. We'll send you an invitation


Ralph Pettingill

My first impression is that this is a simple to understand way to organise. Obviously there will be overlaps, but it's all self explanatory (well, to me, anyway..) It also seems a straightforward way for people to choose where they'd like to be involved.

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