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Campfire Circle Nov 4-6th : Braunston meeting


Here is some initial thinking on the next Campfire Circle weekend, scheduled for November 4-6th.

Most have suggested they would prefer something more rustic / DIY in a central setting if possible so in that respect I have offered my barn again for a maximum of 40 (approx) people. 

Here is my proposed plan for the weekend :


Arrive from late afternoon at mine (Dog & Gun) or hotel/local accommodation.

Gather at mine for buffet / snacks from 8pm



8.30 Breakfast at D&G

10-1pm Talks in barn - facilitated by Gregory Thompson using 'open space' technique

1pm Lunch

2-6pm Talks / panels  / breakaway sessions

6.00-7.30pm social 

7.30pm onwards Food and campfire / bonfire



8.30 am Breakfast at D&G

10am-1pm Open Space talks at Dog & Gun, Braunston 

1.30 pm Pub Sunday lunch at The Admiral Nelson (by the canal in Braunston)


Some suggestions for content have come in.. there is no shortage of things to talk about and we wish to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak

Gregory Thompson has agreed to facilitate the meeting using Open Space Technology. Nigel Sykes has agreed to come and speak on 'The Starfish and The Spider'






Kimm Fearnley

Sounds like an excellent plan to me.


Pete Lawrence

My feeling is that it's a bit corporate, and we can find somewhere better, centrally located, but at least it's an option


Debbie Golt

Great to commit to this weekend date as mooted. I agree a less corporate place is better idea. Also need to check details re costs for songle room occupation tho we are all friends so sharing wouldn't be an issue I am sure but they almost always bump up single proces ... Is there a place on site to indicate interest so numbers can be closely assumed ?


Pete Lawrence

I'm hoping anyone who's in will declare their interest here..we can then do a ticketing thing - need to identify numbers limit. 50 probably ideal. I will also mail all who have attended previous circles and all who are online members too.


Pete Lawrence

I will be posting a few ideas about how we organise the meeting aspect.. will be in the forum about the event. I'd like to invite a method ('Open Space' I've been discussing with Gregory Thompson who gave that glorious opening thinkshop on the Garden stage ...


Andie Brazewell

The date is in my diary.
Off the top of my head for other options -
Option One: Mythe Farm, CV9 3PF, central and easily accessed, where I work may be an option - potential basic camping on site (toilets but no showers) and I will need to check that the owners are OK on their return from holiday ( I am currently farm sitting for them) Mon / Tues. There are local hotels 5 mins away - the Millers Hotel, for accommodation if folk dont want to camp (IRO £55 pp). I will post more on this one way or the other early next week.
Option two - Gopsall Farm nearby - they have glamping teepees and run a small festival onsite (110 Above) and I will make enquiries about this as an option too, for both the CC Nov weekend and other CC options.


Richard Page

Stas and I are planning to come, wherever it is, more likely than not setting off on the Saturday morning. Although I have spent more of my life in soulless meeting spaces (mainly in the Netherlands) than I might have wanted, I reckon November camping is not something my bones would look forward to too much. Happy to pay a bit extra to cover costs for folks for whom cost might be the decider. Have some thoughts about what I would like to see included in the agenda.


Pete Lawrence

Camping in November really is pushing it!


Dave Atkin

I am assuming from the proposed schedule that the campfire will occur in Braunston and it would be necessary to drive to the hotel afterwards. tbh the hotel is out of my price range anyway. My best shot is doing the return trip on the Saturday, arriving in the morning and heading back post Dog & Gun, pre pub. Can offer a lift on that basis to anyone based in the north.


Pete Lawrence

Dave, I can put you up. Priority would be to those who cant afford the hotel.


Sharon Prendergast

I am very happy to put a couple of folks up....I will be driving to and from each day and I live 40 mins from Braunston. X


Sharon Prendergast

Liz will I think be staying with me Friday and Saturday night. I can accommodate one more, or a couple, let me know.


Allan Jolly

I'm driving up from Portsmouth on Friday so could pick up and drop off (Sunday) someone along the A34 (Winchester, Newbury, Oxford) . Allan


Debbie Golt

Proposed schedule looks promising! Looking forward to this. Will bring digital recorder in case audio documentation of anything deemed useful. But would be too long and random to record it all. Let alone edit! x


Rowena Harte

Looking forward to seeing you all/ meeting you. X


Michelle Spriddell

Such a shame I can't be with you this weekend - really looking forward to hearing all about it .... Enjoy xxx

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