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Old paradigm systems are crumbling in ways that have never been witnessed before.  For the emergent New World Order it is pretty clear that we need new ways of learning and sharing knowledge. Experiential learning that honours each and every one of us in our uniqueness of learning needs and wishes. That is more of a co-mingling and co-journeying than that of teacher and student.

The Global Futures Paper is truly inspiring and clearly aligned with our thinking here at Campfire.  

The Prettiest Eyes Shackwell Arms 12/03/20

The Prettiest Eyes

.As far as I know they come from LA .They are a 3 piece Drum s /Bass /Keys and they sound like themselves and cut well above the tired retro Psych bands in the Kansas fringe Rodger Daltery Capes .I headed out to levitation to see Pigs x7 a band Ive seen lots and will continue to do so .I also caught up with my German mates we had nothing better to do with Liverpool Psych fest canceled that year (See Campfire review ) This will as I write most probably be the last gig for a while .So Please enjoy the footage I shot and stay safe

Campfire x

Eno Challenge "Campfire Life style product range "

I am just about to try and collate an idea that came into my head.

I have spent a lot of time thinking. I startedmoving thought into written word on the fledgling Campfire site possibly over 4 years ago when the site was in beta stage. It was something completely new to me but in no way did it feel alien or unnatural doing it. This I think is my 100th post. 

So enough introduction. This is what I envisage:

Frome Beacon Book Club recommendations : January 2020

Campfire's Frome Beacon launched its first prototype book club on January 26th with author and environmentalist Natalie Fee as our first speaker.

Natalie's own book 'How To Save The World For Free' was published last autumn and is well worth checking out via her own website.

"It's quite entry-level, but I've had good feedback from people who are heavyweight too" said Natalie. 

Handsworth Park Arts Trail has been shortlisted for an Aviva Community Fund Award. Please register and vote for this great project in Birmingham!

Handsworth Creative is trying to change the image and reputation of an area blighted by a legacy of gangs and gun-crime. It is a small Community Interest Company made up of local artists who care about their community, using art and community activities to bring different communities together.

The workshops will be held in the Park itself (using the community café) as it is a space that is very well used and ‘loved’ by all communities and is seen and perceived as both a safe space and one that is neutral and genuinely shared by all communities.

An Excerpt from Jump, Fall, Fly from schooling to homeschooling to unschooling

Are you taking the kids out of society if they are not in school?
Schooling is not the only gateway to social interaction or societal involvement. So yes we are definitely part of society. If you see society as a much bigger all-encompassing picture, which is how we see the word, then no we are not taking them out of society.