The Poetry Pharmacy: words that heal

Deborah Alma’s shop The Poetry Pharmacy is a magical place, where poems are packed in jars and prescribed for heartbreak or stress, desire or mindfulness. There are books, card and all things rhyme-related, but also tea and cakes, readings and workshops.

It’s a cosy hideaway in a small town on the borders of England and Wales, and there is no rational or commercial reason for it to exist at all. Which is of course what makes it so wonderful.

Eno Challenge "Campfire Life style product range "

I am just about to try and collate an idea that came into my head.

I have spent a lot of time thinking. I startedmoving thought into written word on the fledgling Campfire site possibly over 4 years ago when the site was in beta stage. It was something completely new to me but in no way did it feel alien or unnatural doing it. This I think is my 100th post. 

So enough introduction. This is what I envisage:

We Out Here Festival - Abbots Ripley 15th-18th August 2019

Each year the UK festival scene seams to get bigger but not better. I thought it had well and truly saturated the last few years as the industry gets more and more honed into extracting the last drop of disposable wealth from its target audiences like mechanically recovered chicken nuggets and after ten years of truly  incompetent corrupt  government  and Austerity its baffled me how its kept on expanding. Could there be room for another four day specialist music festival? Could there be one created with a genuine community like heart to it like the Big Chill had?

The London Convention and the first UK Yellow Jackets protest 11-12 January 2019

Since I was a boy I have been politically conscious .I attended a school that actively encouraged political debate.  One of the English teachers used to head up to the Crass commune in Epping to argue politics as one example of the diversity and beauty of the place and It feels now that it planted a dormant seed in my head that austerity sprouted vigorously.

An Excerpt from Jump, Fall, Fly from schooling to homeschooling to unschooling

Are you taking the kids out of society if they are not in school?
Schooling is not the only gateway to social interaction or societal involvement. So yes we are definitely part of society. If you see society as a much bigger all-encompassing picture, which is how we see the word, then no we are not taking them out of society.

Media or the Masses? Campfire Curiosity #5


I invite everyone to join in this conversation, bring your experiences and expertise - sharing your viewpoints really does help.  I would especially love to hear from those within the production and publication industries - film/media etc. My curiosity has led to the question 'Who should lead on positive change, on raising awareness - the media or the masses? and how can we be part of that?'