Message to Europe

A Brexit Day message

To my European Friends: I just wanted to tell you that, although my country has made the insane, childish and probably suicidal decision to leave Europe, I remain proud to be a European, and proud of the great social experiment that the EU represents. In my mind, I’m still in Europe, and that is where I will stay. For England it’s all over now, and the next generations will judge the results.

Eno Challenge "Campfire Life style product range "

I am just about to try and collate an idea that came into my head.

I have spent a lot of time thinking. I startedmoving thought into written word on the fledgling Campfire site possibly over 4 years ago when the site was in beta stage. It was something completely new to me but in no way did it feel alien or unnatural doing it. This I think is my 100th post. 

So enough introduction. This is what I envisage:

Australia On Fire - Do Not Allow USA Middle East terrorism to distract humanity again...

The middle-east occupations of Palestine and Iraq have distracted humanity for decades from the real terrifying existential crises of the climate and ecological emergencies. 

Israel's apartheid supporting Prime Minister Natanyahu will be celebrating the terrorist attack by Trump on Baghdad airport, killing Iran's senior military commander, Qasim Suleimani in an insane unnecessary escalation of US/Israeli sabre-rattling against Iran. 

lifestyle issues

Work in progress.

I bought myself new underwear for Christmas, beautiful and that will last for years.

But Australia is on fire

I want to travel the world again, see people places and things I care about

But Australia is on fire

I want to draw and to make things again, to sing and dance and...

But Australia is on fire

We grieved last year when California burnt, Siberia and the Amazon.

But Australia is on fire

And we must not run out of grief, or anger, or lose track of what we are:

It is time for a new model - political rewilding.

You can blame Jeremy Corbyn for Boris Johnson, and Hillary Clinton for Donald Trump. You can blame the Indian challengers for Narendra Modi, the Brazilian opposition for Jair Bolsonaro, and left and centre parties in Australia, the Philippines, Hungary, Poland and Turkey for similar electoral disasters. Or you could recognise that what we are witnessing is a global phenomenon.

Reflections on public discourse and the role of facts

Watching the BBC/HBO adaptation of Philip Pullman’s, His Dark Materials last Sunday night, Lyra, the 11 year old heroine is told by the alethiometer (an instrument that tells the truth) she must go to a lonely village where there is something like a ghost. It will be scary.

The instruction seems at odds with the quest she and her companions are on. She asks permission from the group leader, to go to this isolated village. He is not convinced. They need her and the instrument for the dangerous journey ahead.

Lyra says, “I have to go. I don’t know why”


Hey Colossus/Part Chimp//Gnod (The Dome Tufnel Park 10/11/2019

Ever wondered where all the  musical decent went?  Is "Everybody happy these days" ?  (Buzzcocks ) The answers definatly no.  Every time I go outside my front door and venture 400 metres down my road I see my first beggar?   Confronting the dying and addicted broken, in freezing misery has never been part of my normalization or "Britishness" Its like waking up taking a dump, eating breakfast and going to work on a packed sardine tin for an ever decreasing pittance? 

Ex-police chief superintendent now XR rebel calls out government | The Campfire Interview

"Boris doesn’t give a sh** about climate change" says ex-police chief superintendent for Cornwall and Devon, Rob Cooper, who is a member of Extinction Rebellion.

“We need to choose the next government very very carefully or else, quite frankly, we’re screwed”.

In this extensive interview with Campfire’s firestarter Pete Lawrence, Cooper talks about the impact of rebellion so far, the policing, the urgent need for governmental commitment followed by action and the upcoming general election.