The Storm Never Came

I am sure that many of us feel relieved after Biden’s inauguration. I know I do — even though I am no fan of the Democrats. During the Trump years, it felt like one’s sanity was under constant assault — that some new, more bizarre and horrible thing might happen at any moment.

America the Egregore

Perhaps it is not new information to realize that the rank-and-file police and military are solidly on the side of Trumpism — White Supremacism, neo-Fascism; this crude, chaotic jumble of horrible ideas. But it was never revealed so blatantly before. The contrast between the overwhelming force used against #blacklivesmatter protestors in Washington — or against disabled people begging to be allowed to keep their health insurance benefits — and the police opening the barricades and taking Selfies with the MAGA protestors in the Capital was quite stark. 

How to Get Fucked over with Covid on a £11.50ph Gig economy rate ? Musings from the hospitality industry, the gig economy and 'Eat Out To Help Out'

I had a pretty good guess at what was going to happen just before the seven day holiday in Lanzarote in the beginning of March.

The distinction between ethnic and civic nationalism is crucial

Good article by Zoe Williams in today's Guardian. While I agree with all of her points, I wish she had made it clear that what she is talking about here is ethnic nationalism - a toxic mixture of white grievance, middle class resentment and male insecurity. There are other ways of manifesting our sense of who we are.

Personal musings on Covid The Catering Hospitality Industry and the Gig economy and not forgetting "Eat Out To Help Out "

I had a pretty good guess at what was going to happen just before the seven day holiday in Lanzarote in the beginning of March .The hospitality industry wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders in 2019 or the economy.  The pub restaurant sector is always a good barometer of the real state of the economy, opposed to the bent statistics spewed out by The Office Of Statistics and the Christmas run started late too coinciding with the political uncertainties and the ongoing Brexit farcical mess and now as the Italian Lock down commenced, it would only be a case of days until the Tory Government w

Drop the Barriers, End the Pain

Peter Singer, probably the world’s most influential ethics professor, has said, “What can be worse than experiencing intense pain without relief?” The overriding urgency of relieving intense physical or mental suffering, wherever and in whomever it occurs, was the reason I founded a think-and-do tank called OPIS in 2016. We promote practical solutions to intense suffering, and aim to make this a priority of governmental decision-making.

Systemic Engagement of the Arts & Culture

In response to the new socio-economic conditions and the planetary momentum for change induced by our multifaceted crises, humanity needs to synthesize its knowledge and synergize its action into a coherent and coordinated global movement and new leadership. Toward a new paradigm of human development aligning global societies with planetary systems, sustainability needs to be practiced as an art of systems change, engaging all the creative capacities of the arts and the mobilizing powers of culture.