About Hope, at 2am

Is this simply that there are very wonderful and very terrible sides to being human?  That we don’t yet, or maybe again, really understand?

Sometimes these days I wonder if I am out of time.  I was a child of the 1960s, came into adulthood through the women’s liberation movement and gay liberation. The seventies seem awkward and even ugly in memory – the clothes! the politicians! – but I had hope.  Things can only get better.

We Out Here Festival - Abbots Ripley 15th-18th August 2019

Each year the UK festival scene seams to get bigger but not better . I thought it had well and truly saturated the last few years as the industry gets more and more honed into extracting the last drop of disposable wealth from its target audiences like mechanically recovered chicken nuggets and after ten years of truly  incompetent corrupt  government  and Austerity its baffled me how its kept on expanding . Could there be room for another four day specialist music festival ? and could there be one created with a genuine community like heart to it like the Big Chill had .

Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls

I'm sitting in The Plough in Easton, Bristol, a pub that was my local for many years, many years ago. By some chance I am again living in the house I left 12 years back.  The Plough might be the only pub in the country with a banner over the bar - REFUGEES WELCOME - , and it's busy this evening, mainly with people watching football.


Extinction Rebellion co-founder doesn’t mince his words over the level of action that he thinks we need to take in order to prevent the climate emergency that is becoming an immediate and serious threat to our way of life. He suggests that immediate action can bring about “the biggest transformation in world history which in turn might have an outside chance of preventing social breakdown in the short term and extinction in the middle term.”


Mary has been a central part of the Campfire Team for a year or so now as a member of the steering group and in setting up the Athens Beacon. Her Firecast on 'The Power of Soft Power' talks about her recent move back to Greece and the ongoing cultural shift from masculine to feminine archetypal values.


“ I have no idea what the future will bring but I do feel change is on its way. Of course, it is not a widely held belief and the media will be the last to tell us, but I can see the small shoots of shifting paradigms sprouting up everywhere I look.   

People are beginning to wake up to the power we hold as individuals when we act as a community. The strength of the group is more than the sum of its parts.   


Positive Psychologist, Founder, Change Maker, and Woman on Purpose, will share the story behind her mission to support women to improve wellbeing and create a purpose driven life and will be in conversation with a local woman who is changing the world.

One of her projects, "Simply Women on Purpose" (SWOP) enables women to harness their personal power to drive forward change in their communities, their workplaces or in their own lives using the themes of “Connect, Create and Collaborate'.