We Out Here Festival - Abbots Ripley 15th-18th August 2019

Each year the UK festival scene seams to get bigger but not better . I thought it had well and truly saturated the last few years as the industry gets more and more honed into extracting the last drop of disposable wealth from its target audiences like mechanically recovered chicken nuggets and after ten years of truly  incompetent corrupt  government  and Austerity its baffled me how its kept on expanding . Could there be room for another four day specialist music festival ? and could there be one created with a genuine community like heart to it like the Big Chill had .


“ I have no idea what the future will bring but I do feel change is on its way. Of course, it is not a widely held belief and the media will be the last to tell us, but I can see the small shoots of shifting paradigms sprouting up everywhere I look.   

People are beginning to wake up to the power we hold as individuals when we act as a community. The strength of the group is more than the sum of its parts.   


"I would love to offer something on conflict, communication or difference 'Otherness' at the Campout. I would like to explore the fire theme and reference Arnie Mindel's book 'Sitting in the fire' about the healing power of conflict.”

Sophie is currently offering support to organisations, schools and individuals in the form of training, mentoring and organisational development.

Join to learn new mind hacks and musings on the journey to an integrated world that works for all.


Brett is coming over from his home in Budapest to follow up his recent book 'The End of Politicians : Time For a Real Democracy’ with what we expect to be an inspirational talk about new models of democracy, a topic which is as on the button as is possible, with UK government and parliament in chaos.  

The future of democracy has arrived. It is time for the end of politicians. Hear why and what we can all do about changing politics in this vital keynote speech.


In the winter of 2009 Mac Macartney walked from his birthplace in the border lands between England and Wales to the Isle of Anglesey – without a map, compass, tent or stove, in January, eating only wild food. This talk reveals the story of Britain’s late Iron-Age tribal past and a long ignored turning point in our people’s history as irresistible change swept across the known world. Much was broken at this time and much was born. Mac offers his journey as a metaphor for our times. We walk into the unknown, clouds gathering on the horizon. Rumours of danger persist and insinuate.

Wider horizons - The transformational gathering in nature for young adults

Wider horizons is a transformational gathering in nature for young adults.   It is a three-day all-inclusive event with a range of workshops directed towards conscious awakening. It takes place at Wasing Park, a private estate in Berkshire with ancient woodland and wild swimming lakes and costs £144, which includes all workshops, meals and camping facilities.

Lyme Regis Campfire

I feel blessed to live in a town where it is possible to just show up and light up a fire , where passers-by can be attracted by the sparks and come be part of an inclusive gathering. 

The thought of creating a social event where people could do exactly that was part of what attracted me to Campfire Convention initially. 

Irony in the age of Sur*****ance Capitalism.

Last week I tried to send a list of 10 pop songs on the theme of spying and surv****ance to a friend on FB messenger. Before I could hit “send” and just after I’d typed number 7:- “Private eyes” by Hall and Oates, the FB intervention AI’s had blocked my message stating it was potentially inappropriate content and it would be reviewed for “safety reasons.” WTAF !