Ideas & philosophy


Organise: A Manifesto


Join a union and playing an active part in the workplace or TUC. 

Online activism.

Work in our own communities to show how socialism/anarchy/love is effective in action: a soup kitchen, community fridge, shopping delivery for elders - and most importantly…

Never underestimate the power of a conversation, and making facts known where ignorance would otherwise pass. 


Join or start an Antifascist group, or other social change movement. 

The healing potential of transformational communication

Building on our inspiring Sunday Campfire Convention open space about the power of the word in January 2021, this week, which also happens to be Mother's Day in the UK, we’ll be talking about the healing potential of transformational communication. This kind of communication finds the common elements and emotion in conflict and brings people together in mutuality. These conversations can be deeply healing.

To Reason with a Madman

Someone sent me a video on January 19th in which the host, claiming a secret source among the White Hat power faction, said that final plans are in motion to overthrow the criminal Deep State once and for all. The inauguration of Joe Biden will not take place. The lies and crimes of the human trafficking Satanic elite will be revealed. Justice will prevail. The Republic will be restored.

As this era unfolds, are you ready to be part of writing a new story for humanity? 

As this era unfolds, are you ready to be part of writing a new story for humanity? 

Do you want to break free from the shackles and chains of the growth dependent, dominant hierarchical money system?  

The majority of people in the West have become incredibly dependent on distant institutions and technology.  This has brought about a system that keeps many of us working within the hierarchy because the hierarchy and dominant economy feeds us. 

Apple CEO Cook highlights Facebook's outmoded model

Many have been predicting a tipping point at which the social media-using world (that's most of the world, then) wakes up to the moral questions and the business models behind the main operators.

For reference, I suggested in 2018 that "The future is all about sustainable business models for web democratisation, communities founded around a de-centralised network, equitable post-capitalist models rather than shareholder profit-maximising top-down elites."

The Storm Never Came

I am sure that many of us feel relieved after Biden’s inauguration. I know I do — even though I am no fan of the Democrats. During the Trump years, it felt like one’s sanity was under constant assault — that some new, more bizarre and horrible thing might happen at any moment.