Brexit fudge : Weekend briefing

Politicians and the general public alike are still weighing up how the dust will settle after a fraught week of tricky international diplomacy concluding with an 'agreement' that Phase 2 of Brexit negotiations around a new trade deal can continue.

Despite the gloss put on Mrs May's negotiating powers yesterday, Brexit is still a mess with a huge number of contradictions, fudges still to be resolved and already, more in-fighting in the Tory party. It looks like we're heading for a soft Brexit, but who knows what is around the corner. 

Campfire Curiosity #3 Have you heard of Masdar City?

So watching Human Earth - Cities,  today with the children, I was introduced to some genuinely inspiring human resourcefulness not easily witnessed in our western, busy environments. What really excited me though, was the development of Masdar City and I invite you to start campfire chatting about this whether you are into sustainable living or not.

Is your brand a doughnut?

Kate Raworth : Doughnut Economics : If you read one book on economic theory this year, let this be it

This book is about re-designing the DNA of business, proposing regenerative investment rather than pursuing endless accumulation, it’s about challenging the assertion that GDP growth is the natural or desirable target (Raworth’s metaphor as ‘kite-surfing’ as a far-better metaphor for the future of GDP is an interesting proposition which reflects the precarious climate.) 

Share Cardiff

Sharing, as a social movement, has the capacity to move us from where we are to where we want to be. There are a range of tools and principles that we can harness to make our cities and communities within them thrive. I am working on building a community of communities and/or a network of networks - a community run social enterprise and collective for people who are committed to sustainability and activating the urban commons for a better future, by people, for people.

From where we are, to where we want to be

This week I have had the good fortune to happen upon a great online conversation with social entrepreneur, Pete Lawrence. Pete is founder of Campfire Convention, ‘a co-operative network based on the empowerment of collaboration and shaping the future for the better.’ Building a new social network and a co-produced news platform are the key aims. Yet there’s something different.

"The wilderness years" Would you want to go where Daves been? ?

David walked out of the massive mess he had caused .I could imagine him loosening his shirt and taking his tie off and lying back in a chair in number 10 feeling like a man who had just managed to step off a bus  he had just serviced the brakes for, just before it went completely out of control and careered over a cliff , the day the Brexit result was published . 

Brexit's great opportunity

Tantalising to think Brexit could birth a civic renaissance which will see Britain reform what it means to be a country. Creating and emboldening a new generation who see the opportunity for bold, far-sighted reforms to the very essence of economics, governance, and politics, we will totally reinvent not just Great Britain, but provide an open model for peaceful, fair, global collaboration.