Referendum March : Are Europeans trying to steal all our Smarties?

I am not going to write this as a one sided pro-Euro piece because  it would be wrong to do so. I have contradictory feelings on the matter but I believe that staying in is the best for now and the future. So I'm going to stick to what I observed and personally felt yesterday and what I have actually felt before during and after the event.

Why should we listen to Lord Jim O'Neill?

Lord Jim O'Neill was headlining on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning, talking about how great the UK economy is doing, despite the vote for Brexit. An ardent Remain supporter until now, it's amazing how he and his ilk can flipflop their narratives without ever acknowledging just how wrong they get things. It was another reminder for me not to bother listening to Today. Why do people like O'Neill get such a platform from our big news media institutions?

Media or the Masses? Campfire Curiosity #5


I invite everyone to join in this conversation, bring your experiences and expertise - sharing your viewpoints really does help.  I would especially love to hear from those within the production and publication industries - film/media etc. My curiosity has led to the question 'Who should lead on positive change, on raising awareness - the media or the masses? and how can we be part of that?'