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I am just about to try and collate an idea that came into my head.

I have spent a lot of time thinking. I startedmoving thought into written word on the fledgling Campfire site possibly over 4 years ago when the site was in beta stage. It was something completely new to me but in no way did it feel alien or unnatural doing it. This I think is my 100th post. 

So enough introduction. This is what I envisage:

We Out Here Festival - Abbots Ripley 15th-18th August 2019

Each year the UK festival scene seams to get bigger but not better. I thought it had well and truly saturated the last few years as the industry gets more and more honed into extracting the last drop of disposable wealth from its target audiences like mechanically recovered chicken nuggets and after ten years of truly  incompetent corrupt  government  and Austerity its baffled me how its kept on expanding. Could there be room for another four day specialist music festival? Could there be one created with a genuine community like heart to it like the Big Chill had?


Mary has been a central part of the Campfire Team for a year or so now as a member of the steering group and in setting up the Athens Beacon. Her Firecast on 'The Power of Soft Power' talks about her recent move back to Greece and the ongoing cultural shift from masculine to feminine archetypal values.


Brett is coming over from his home in Budapest to follow up his recent book 'The End of Politicians : Time For a Real Democracy’ with what we expect to be an inspirational talk about new models of democracy, a topic which is as on the button as is possible, with UK government and parliament in chaos.  

The future of democracy has arrived. It is time for the end of politicians. Hear why and what we can all do about changing politics in this vital keynote speech.


Katie is a Campfire member, writer and social media guru. She identifies the 'social media vortex of doom' that we've all come to dread - the sense that so many posts are either driven by erroneous algorithms, that everyone is having a better time than we are, that people are constructing a false image of themselves to boost their ego and try and score points. Or just the plain fact that Zuck's algorhithms are out of kilter with our own circadian rhythms and our newsfeed really just isn't in tune with what we want to read.


Peter has worked in areas of social justice for 40 years. A consummate networker, he is always looking to bring people and organisations together. Trained as a gardener, he then worked with disabled and disability rights organisations in India and Africa and more recently he has been supporting ways to reduce the impact of climate breakdown on poor people. 

Has Brittany Kaiser just sunk Brexit?

Anyone who has seen the documentary "The Great Hack" and wonders why the ICO closed down Cambridge Analytica but why noone from (the UKIP side of the leave campaign) it was because there was no clear evidence that the data gained from Facebook (and potentially elsewhere??) was passed to and used by to target voters based upon their personal data.


The Hoe Street bank and the filming of How to Blow up £1000000 of Local Community Debt ? (SilverTown 19/5/19

I originally became aware of the project from a Guardian article posted on the Campfire FB open group and decided to check out what they were upto because its the kind of thing that really interests me and Im glad I got involved and the amount of knowledge gained from them since 1st wobbling up to the bank on my bicycle, one Saturday afternoon has been  colossal  Knowledge is a powerful thing but ignorance is most certainly the opposite