How to Get Fucked over with Covid on a £11.50ph Gig economy rate ? Musings from the hospitality industry, the gig economy and 'Eat Out To Help Out'

I had a pretty good guess at what was going to happen just before the seven day holiday in Lanzarote in the beginning of March.

David Graeber: ‘To save the world, we’re going to have to stop working’

September 8, 2020.

Written by David Graeber  (published in The Big Issue as part of Jarvis Cocker's Big Issue takeover, David Graeber explains his confusion about why we’d destroy the planet if we don’t have to (written  before his untimely death on September 2 this year).

Personal musings on Covid The Catering Hospitality Industry and the Gig economy and not forgetting "Eat Out To Help Out "

I had a pretty good guess at what was going to happen just before the seven day holiday in Lanzarote in the beginning of March .The hospitality industry wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders in 2019 or the economy.  The pub restaurant sector is always a good barometer of the real state of the economy, opposed to the bent statistics spewed out by The Office Of Statistics and the Christmas run started late too coinciding with the political uncertainties and the ongoing Brexit farcical mess and now as the Italian Lock down commenced, it would only be a case of days until the Tory Government w

An English Coastal town 2 day Air BnB break before Lockdown 2

What it was like watching a seaside town in the south east of England about to shut down

My first Campfire writing for ages so let’s get back into the zone!

The Airbnb was in St Leonards on Sea in East Sussex (next to Hastings), situated near the end of a road on a steep hill that met the sea. We arrived late evening. I wasn't in the greatest of sociable moods and was quite offensively grumpy,  wishing  I was still at home.

Breathing Through Time's Metamorphism

     The dog days of summer have hastily commenced once again, the previously crisp air has become infected with thickness of heat and pollen, but also an unexpected pollutant. Undoubtedly this year has proven that our rigid ways of living have become too regulated, almost out of synchronisation with Mother Nature's plan for us as her oyster. July usually brings with it the sounds of celebration and glory, as well as a burst of colour at the midpoint of the year. However, 2020 unwittingly took an unexpected turn and successively took us on an unexpected journey of spontaneity.