About Hope, at 2am

Is this simply that there are very wonderful and very terrible sides to being human?  That we don’t yet, or maybe again, really understand?

Sometimes these days I wonder if I am out of time.  I was a child of the 1960s, came into adulthood through the women’s liberation movement and gay liberation. The seventies seem awkward and even ugly in memory – the clothes! the politicians! – but I had hope.  Things can only get better.

Growing lady balls and stepping up to the climate emergency

This has gone from being an inconvenient truth to a very painful one. I had an emotional meltdown at the weekend just considering what it would be like not to be able to see my beautiful family in Australia. What if I couldn’t fly there again? What if I got arrested during a protest and was subsequently denied a visa? What if our government continues to do nothing to avert the climate crisis and we see social collapse as a result of catastrophic climate events and deliberate acts of ecocide? I said that I need to grow some ‘lady balls’ to step up to the challenge.

Magic Money Tree - a campaign music video

Magic Money Tree - music video

I need £2,000+ for this project and I am also hoping that you might come down to Rodden Meadow in Frome and be in the video itself.

As It is weather dependent I am offering two dates. When weather reports are out I will choose the best date and let everyone know which it is to be:

They are: 

Thursday 12th Sept 



Sunday 15th Sept






Extinction Rebellion co-founder doesn’t mince his words over the level of action that he thinks we need to take in order to prevent the climate emergency that is becoming an immediate and serious threat to our way of life. He suggests that immediate action can bring about “the biggest transformation in world history which in turn might have an outside chance of preventing social breakdown in the short term and extinction in the middle term.”


Mary has been a central part of the Campfire Team for a year or so now as a member of the steering group and in setting up the Athens Beacon. Her Firecast on 'The Power of Soft Power' talks about her recent move back to Greece and the ongoing cultural shift from masculine to feminine archetypal values.


At the heart of Campfire Convention is the idea of coming together and having good conversations. I’d like to offer some thoughts about what makes a good conversation and why they matter.

You may have noticed that we are living in a society where polarisation of views, a culture of blame, and disconnection from each other, not to mention the planet, are mainstream. How do we swim against the tide and create a real sense of community and connection?