“To enter a theatre for a performance is to be inducted into a magical space, to be ushered into the sacred arena of the imagination.” Simon Callow
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Oxford English Dictionary definition "A raised floor or platform,typically in a theatre, on which actors, entertainers or speakers perform"


RIP Sir Peter Hall


Love him, or hate him, Sir Peter Hall devoted himself to the Art of Theatre.

I feel privileged to have worked with him a couple of times, both at the National Theatre, and in the West End.  My experiences were not altogether the happiest of times, not down to him, more down to the particular productions, I was never too keen on mask work!

There's no denying though, that his influence on theatre in general was hugely significant, and his contribution will live on for decades, if not centuries to come. 

His understanding of text, and the importance of understanding its rhythm, was extraordinary, yet some felt that this sometimes overrode any instinctive emotional creativity. 

But love him, or hate him, Sir Peter Hall devoted himself to the Art of Theatre, and for that, we should be eternally grateful.  Without such great innovators, theatre would become a lost cause, so....

Rest in Peace Sir Peter Hall, and may your spirit inspire others for years to come, as I'm sure it will.




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