Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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All sounds of the earth are like music.


Pete Lawrence
29 September 2018
US musician, producer and ethno-musicologist Ry Cooder is one of the most important musical influences in my lifetime. To tie in with his return to the road this year aged 71, here are 10 of his greatest albums. It's a random and esoteric choice. If you want to delve deeper...
Jeremy Pearce
13 September 2018
This was a night of Improvisation from both support and head line there was a rough frame work penciled in but that was just markers .Everything else was going to get plucked out of the kind of space that only the greatest free Jazz musicians can enter and leave
Jeremy Pearce
10 September 2018
These 2 Polish free jazz musicians who are based in Warsaw.
Jeremy Pearce
5 September 2018
Its only taken me twenty years to get off my arse and go and check this band out and within the 1st 30 seconds of the set knew i was watching a band that basically even though I knew nothing about , now wanted to listen to absolutely everything they had ever released .So please excuse me if I
Renee Edwards
1 September 2018
New Orleans' Music from the array of talented musicians and artists featured in our documentary 'One Note at a Time'
Pete Lawrence
24 August 2018
For those who haven't been, Sidmouth Folk Week is, for many, the pinnacle of the folk festival calendar, a seven day marathon which takes over the normally sedate Devon seaside town, offering a mammoth 750 events spread across numerous venues and attended by tens of thousands of folk fans.
Chris Duffill
31 July 2018
The original Sa Ta Na Ma track by the Campfire Circle Singers appeared back in the early part of the year. I loved the sound of it, combining chants, vocal solo lines, vocal percussion and choral elements with influences from Asia and the Middle East.