Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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All sounds of the earth are like music.


Zimpel Ziolek / Rotten Bliss Cafe Oto 7/9/2018


"Their music has an outer worldly hypnotic quality to it ,combining both traditional clarinet and guitar sound with electronica .The vocals soft echo like bounced off the high vaulted ceilings and walls of some kind of ancient place of worship "

Cafe Oto is situated on Ushwin st Dalston .Its a very small place ,with large glass windows .Its set away from the madness of the main road, with seats outside and some tables Inside and   has a bar to the right as you walk in with a local brewed Porter tonight  and German import lager on tap that they buy in in small kegs and it sells obscure vinyl LPs set in boxes, not many but enough to pass the time for a bit .It opens as a regular Cafe in the day time and only at night it metamorphoses into a place that is more 21st century Beatnik than hipster, and it champions the  avant garde  .Think off kilter electronica ,Free jazz, cosmic  rock and left field improvisation and performance art and sound scape It has art council funding and hosts its  own  show on Londons superb Resonance FM (Baba Yagas who are promoting tonight do too) .

I didnt even know their was a support when I arrived It was mild and I had taken a seat outside and was supping my glass of porter, chatting to a big black girl wearing cammo trousers with a shaven head who was trying to find someone with a lighter ,so she could light her roll up .Then music started coming from inside and I finished my drink and walked back through the door to find a girl wearing a cheese cloth dress, with long brown locks an electric cello surrounded by fx peddles and a laptop with pre programed backing tracks, performing in front of back projections .She was singing and her music was quite otherworldly .(see my Film ) I have used a picture of her for my header picture because of the powerful image that I took at an  angle .On purpose to emphasize the detachment from terra ferma her music was giving me .

I saw Zimpel Zeolek at the celebration of Rocket records in the spring .They weren't actually signed onto the label but their music fitted into the Sunday bill perfectly  as a calm before Teeth of the sea followed by Italy s  Anthrophomorph  and the all out psychedelic heavy sensory bombardment of Gnod .The band takes its name from both members sir names .I wanted to buy their LP on vinyl at rocket 20 because its the kind of music that sounds best on the format, but they only had CD s with them, so I waited till this evening and got both of them to sign my copy for me .The LPs been pressed on 180g vinyl encased in a high quality dust jacket and the gatefold sleave s been constructed out of high quality card .Their music has a hypnotic other worldly  quality to it, combining both traditional Bass clarinet and acoustic guitar with electronica ,drum pattern programs time delays echo and sequencing Jakub Ziolek sings in English The sound of his voice echos like sound bounced off the walls and ceiling of some kind of ancient place of worship  and theres plenty of space for improvisation .At Rocket they had a psychedelic back projection tonight just a blanket pinned to the wall . I managed to get a center seat central at the front and sat memorized by the dreamy ambient  sound bath once more  .I had a chat with them after the set  while  getting my LP signed Waclaw Zimpel remembered me from the spring .Go check them out Its Jazz but not as we know it Captain .

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