Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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All sounds of the earth are like music.


Theon Cross Trio /Shabaka and the Ancestors/8th November 17


"Shabaka has possibly made one of the most important spiritual jazz recordings ever making this album "!

The Ancestors when I 1st saw them up at love Supreme left a deep long lasting impression with me ,something that permeated  deep inside me .It was a spiritual experience, a feeling of being touched deep inside by some free flowing energy Something that came out of the earth .Shabaka has made possibly one of the most important spiritual jazz recordings ever making this album and watching them perform it again in the Assembly Hall just reaffirmed what I felt the 1st time. .They alter it everytime they play it .Shabaka said this that night .They had been on the road touring it and they were tight tonight ,in that free form boundary within the box that contains the structure of it .The percussion and bass drove it the vocals put meaning to it and the message was unleashed . I wanted to see Theon Cross trio too .It was like a double headline for me ,he plays with Shabaka in the Sons of Kemet and pushes the tuber like an instrument of deep sub bass .He was joined tonight with fellow Kemet And Comet is coming drummer Tom Skinner and stable band member Nubya Garcia on sax .I caught them on the opening of Love supreme with the Ska vengers on the friday night when most people were getting drunk in their caravans and tents .She had 2 tight plats of hair and was blowing with the kind of natural funk energy  that just lifted me off the floor ,bouncing with the tuber and the drums .I was chatting with the band merch people about the music and they asked me if I had seen Sones of Kemet and were quite impressed when I said 3 times .I was talking about the psych fest Comet is coming gig when the sound man didnt know how to mix the sound because the band were like nothing he had mixed before .I was born too late to witness the birth of cool ,but I am sitting right in the center of its second coming and it sure does feel good .Dont miss it  what ever you do ! Campfire X



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