Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Sunday All Points East and The science of Extorting maximum revenue out of a captive crowd in an enclosed environment for corporate profit


"Nick Cave has been blessed with a Jim Morrison like stage presents Theres no worshiping of false idols at the altar tonight because The ceremony had well and truly Began "!

It was darkest winter when I noticed the concert .I had just been chatting to one of my friends who i hadnt seen for ages and she mentioned Nick Cave and I mentioned the concert so I banged 3 tickets on a card on the Dice app on my phone ..I had seen the Bad seeds before and Nick Caves stage presents and theatrical delivery as a live performer just stunned me .The only person I have ever watched that I can remember in person is Robert Plant with the same gift who also currently has Warren Ellis in his current shape Shifter line up, and I guess Jim Morrison on archive footage . When I was a boy I bought a copy of Easter in a second hand Record shop .I still have it ,and I later purchased a copy of Horses on a cassette format ,that I lost when my tape box got stolen out of the back of my Beetle .She stopped performing for years and I never thought I would get to see her live .She Married Fred Sonic Smith one of my heroes. Courtney Barnett I had seen up the electric ballroom about the time BBC6 started to champion her .It was the 1st night of the 2 Electric ballroom gigs .The 2nd night was added on the ticket sale demand .It was her biggest show she had done at that point ,as far as I knew ,and she blew me away .The humour, the warmth the broad Australian accent and the clever lyrics the quirky self taught strumming style ,the blister lead breaks and a band who looked like a collection of genuine stoners .They were playing their hearts out for the sheer fun of being in a band and playing that night .Today they were having fun and had gained a member But it couldn t compare with my 1st time I saw them .A large stage on an open air mid afternoon set in sun was a different world .I am a great fan of Bo Ningen too .I cant remember where i 1st saw them possibly Cafe oto or London Fields brewery on a Bad Vibrations bill .They were very fast very loud and very disturbing as Jap Psych is .This Sunday afternoon slot they didnt do it for me and I wish I had gone off and watched Yak on the smaller stage .Shame I had read about and was curious .They were either going to be special or run of the mill angry guitar indie They looked like they were being groomed by a record company and they didn't do it for me . I walked away from the set To watch the Magic band on the other stage and came back for the Black Lips .The black lips are like a throwback garage Psych band .I liked them They had Sonics in them and Fuzztones in the DNA.They wore black heavily tattooed and throbbed .It was proper rock and Roll . I missed Dexter Dury because of the distance between stages and the Psychedelic Furs I had seen them in the 80s and didnt want to go back on a nostalgia trip to being a teenager at a Glastonbury festival .One of my Campfire mates Mark who was their said they did the Do .Mark saw me but I didn't recognize him as I traversed and negotiated the vast crowds that the park now contained . I waited in anticipation for Patti Smith and we moved quite near the front but the crowd was getting massive at this point .The set times overlapped weirdly and I wanted to watch St Vincent's set and get some food .I stayed for her opening Poetry reading .She was reciting Allen Ginsberg out of a massive hard back copy of Howl .She looked great and very healthy and was still had the hair It was slightly grey but still thick ..She still had her activist radical anger and fire .I stayed for 3 numbers but wanted to watch St Vincent on the other stage ,I left my mates and I was glad I got off my arse and moved , because St Vincent is a performance artist of complete originality .Her music is kind of electro pop but its clever and visually her band were stunning .It freaked me out a bit that so few people had made the journey away from the main stage because she is seriously good .I bought her 1st album when it came out and had been waiting to see her, as much in fact as the other acts, and I reckon even though Nick Cave is a force to behold St Vincent in her rubber dress robotic disjointed movement multi coloured identical electric guitars  and androgynous morphic band and guitar changer , set up in a straight KraftWerkesque  line ,and her stunning Japanese girl Bassist .Did the day for me I had never seen anyone play a guitar or use the sound processing like her before.She thanked us for breaking away from the sheep and seeing her.She had smudged her lipstick and make up. They were true avant garde performance art .I wish I had seen Marika Hackman too but I headed over again to the main stage where The Bad Seeds were holding court .and Nick Cave was heading the congregation and taking us into some dark places of his lyrical prose and mesmerizing stage persona Nick Cave has been blessed with a Jim Morrison like stage presents and to quote Jim Morrison" The ceremony had well and truly began "He has a massive back catalogue and he's a master of Hypnotic large crowd control .He even Unleashed Kylie for a "Wild Rose" duet .There's no worshiping force idols at the altar tonight Part of the show was a controlled crowd invasion ..He kept the Hypnotic control. He asked one blond girl who had ventured on stage whether she would blow him off .She looked stunned but not humiliated Nick can get away with this .No one else could.He kissed another girl on the lips but wiped her contact on to his white shirt sleeve .No Herpes Cave .I reckon hes not the real Messiah .But he is a very naughty boy lol and a true master of the art .The show ended and the lights went down and I felt like i had just witnessed one of the greatest outdoor shows of all time .He had out performed U2 in their prime .He had out Stoned Mick Jagger and possibly every other rock and roll star on the planet and I had had the privilege of witnessing it 1st hand . I have seen many out door park gigs and I now don t normally go to them .I got fed up with the treatment of the people who attend them and the contempt of the organizers .The police harassment ,Drug Dogs the extortion of a locked in audience .The oppressive police presence the Orwellian surveillance and the corralling queuing and stinking chemical toilets and general shit .Where the industry looks on the consumer as a" Punter"a commodity like a sheep that has the only purpose to get fleeced and crushed in a pen .The last time I went to Vicky Park I think was Love box When Donner Summer died and Grace Jones took the Headline a Mama event where the police had set up strip cabins and were screwing people over with sniffer dogs and then confiscating the contraband ejecting the victim from the site and returning the tickets for re sale to the box office Fucking Foul . I was impressed with How Ape had put the thing together .They had stewards by the station and on the direction down Roman road .Every one was really polite .There were no uniformed police .There was plenty of water available .I have been to many big gigs where it felt that the promoter was actively trying to kill people(Boom Town and SW4) .They did have dogs on the gate but they were from a private company and were not specifically placed to harass and intimidate as many people as possible One of the dogs looked really old and looked like it was a battersea rescue and I still think they were .Just deterrent . They weren't attached to fat bloated police men on the £300 a hour charge .They had metal detectors but that's understandable these days . There were no wrist bands either It was very informal I was impressed how the site had been designed especially to maximize sales with a good quarter mile between the main stages to utilize food and beer sales .Nothing to do with sound bleed There were plenty of bars and the ticket cabin on the way in had 5 openings for guest and 1 for paid ticket .Through the 3 days the place must have turned over a fortune .with different music tastes on the different days .The sound Quality was excellent It was the small stage I likes best It was grey squat and deep and looked like the surrounding of a Loony tunes cartoon where bugs Bunny pokes his head through and says "That s all folks" For me I am wondering for how much longer the expanding fat bloated corporate industry will sustain itself .Household Debt has risen a staggering 10% last year alone (source debt UK ) and inflation is far exceeding wage growth .Somethings going to have to break soon .and this government has to go . Field day was on the same weekend and I would have liked to have gone too but I will cross over on Love supreme on the end of this month . So all in all I thought the Americans whopped the big UK industries arse .They made the unpleasant experience of High capacity   UK corporate festival almost pleasant Campfire x



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