Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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The Quietus presents Richard Dawson /Pigs x7 The Lexington 19/1/18


"The lead singer Snorts the last line of backstage Bugel into the back of his throat and the set erupts into one of the most intense Rock and Roll experiences its possible to witness !"

This sold out night promoted by the Quietus on line music web site (I will leave links later )

It was packed upstairs when I got there, and Richard Dawson was playing a set .I think more people had come to see him than Pigs x7 .I couldn't get into it .I have left a link for his LP .I had just been robbed for £5.90 for a craft beer keg IPA and felt uncomfortable and claustrophobic and couldn't get any further in than the top of the stairs .He was making a joke in between a song that I didnt get and his guitar had been de tuned .I went back upstairs twice but finally decided to sit downstairs and watch the Hipsters get drunk on overpriced booze .My plan was to wait for the set to Finish, and wait for the thirsty and the nicotine addicted to come down stairs and then make a move for the empty gaps.My plan worked perfectly  .In fairness I have now checked Richards work out on You Tube and it isnt instantly assessable Its not easy listening .But the more I listen to it the more I get drawn into its eccentric complexity  .I am leaving a link .His LPs got rave reviews so check it out and make your own minds up . 

Last time I saw Pigs x7 I had a chat with them and they said they were putting a new set together with new material .This they have done .I reckon they are on a roll and not a sausage roll either  .They took to the stage .The lead singer snorting the last back stage line of bugle into the back of his throat and the set erupts into one of the most intense rock and roll experiences its possible to witness .They are on top form tonight  and the new materials worth at least one more  pig or even 2 as far as I m concerned .The drummer and bassist are sharing a bottle of Buckfast and the heavy riffing is seriously tight .They did no encore ,but they didnt need too .The lead guitarist passed his SG still connected to the amp cable  into the crowd and they returned it .Its like watching prime period Black Sabbath but better .I am going to see them again on the 3 day Rocket records celebration up the Garage in march ,with Goat /Gnod /Julies Hair cut and countless other quality contemporary psych bands from around the world that the labels signed  Quality and with Liverpool festival of Psychedelia having a years hiatus .I am glad I bought the ticket for it before it sells out 



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