Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Onyx Collective /Kamassi Washington Roundhouse 2nd/5/2018


"These are the disciples of Coltrane His spirits messengers " "The 2 drum kit set up and Mosleys Bass Stack gave it the kind of engine thats got 2 turbo chargers and a massive amount of break horse power !"

The 1st time that I saw Kamassi was up love Supreme, when the collective played one of the tents .I had  bought the triple album Epic and had gotten turned on to him, and Go Go Penguin whist listening to the BBC pop up Jazz station a few years back. on the same broad cast that Gilles Peterson was comparing .Kamassi was playing a  surprise Scala show the next day, but I was going to see Polar Bear and James Holden up the Fridge .At Love Supreme I watched him from 8 ft dead in front of him .and felt an aura of spiritual power  coming out of him and the band and after and  just like the year after they would sign Lps and talk to people .Theres a kind of connection with all of them and when they play there s a feeling that its where they want to be. They are smiling and joking together and as for the music its a living growing thing that s bubbling up and its the reason I am sure that the age group that s going to see people like Kamassi and Shabaka and GoGo Penguin and Ezra collective and Snarky Puppy and Kamal Williams  are alot less than half my age .I was talking to an Australian man in his 40s at the gig that I am about to write about and he remarked to me about how the audience wasn't how he had pre conceived it , before he had left his house. Ive watched people bouncing like a fast rock band crowd at Sons of Kemet gigs ,The energies intense  and it can  peak and drop like a rave too (A comet is coming ).But this generation of (Jazzers) have listened and partaken in every thing they know the score and as the musics not even slightly moored on terra firma it can mutate into what ever it wants to and the 3 hour Epic is something that proves this and thats why it transcended the sales market demographics , because it appealed to the people who think out of the box and this is the connection with the creators of the music as well .I am also convinced that this new music is also alot to do with  backlash to the Neoliberalism and the subliminal marketing of feed that social media algorithms play psychological games with our collective subconsciousness .The upsurge of the psychedelic underground is part  of this too as far as I am concerned and is connected. Shabaka played Liverpool Psych fest last year for gods sake The boundaries are completely blurred   now as in the 60s but even more so  

Onyx Collective

Unlike any of the mainstream write ups by the (Press list ers )who didn't mention the support  I am writing up a report of this band too .They are from New York and are a 3 piece .They were wearing masks and consisted of Sax, drums double bass and were as much part of the night as the headline .They were playing true soaring deconstructed free jazz .Their sound was not easy listening .It soared upwards and moved on crazy percussion and Sax breaks and Bass runs  They were using FX peddles It was angry in places .They have more members too .The Boiler room footage features electric guitars .It was perfect as an opener like an energy mini storm before the Heavy hitters came on .I watched it all from as close as I could get to the center focus of the front of the stage I was impressed .

Kamassi Washington 

Whist watching the Onyx collective I was checking the gear on the stage and Myles Mosleys distinctive bass was lying horizontal in front of a massive bass stack and a collection of wah wah and other FX peddles .On either side were 2 drum kit s set up and on the right a right angle of Keyboard and synth .To the far left was the sound baffle what Patrice Quinn uses to shield her perfect sonic pitch range from the rest of the instruments on stage .Center were the horn mike stands .

The set consisted of new and old and as the music is a living thing had deviated from the vinyl and still developing and changing .I had seen bigger touring versions but this one was a lean mean cosmic groove machine .They were having fun .The sound was perfect and they took no prisoners .The 2 drum kit set up and Mosley gives it the kind of engine that s got 2 turbo chargers and a massive break horse power .Mosley was playing with his own band up Love supreme and Kamassi joined him and Mosley joined Kamassi  .The whole band are like brothers of the groove and the stage banter is warm .Kamassi tells a story how he met Brandon Coleman. It looks like the ve been hanging out since being kids .Theres no ego they all solo. They are all equal in skill and creative dexterity Kamassi introduces his Dad with a big grin ,and the horn sections now 3 ,but there s still another mike stand and a space and learn behold Shabaka Comes on for a couple of numbers  .Ive seen Shabaka loads of times in various bands .From free form experimental with Pat Thomas up cafe Oto to spiritual  with the Ancestors to full on cosmic techno be bop with the Comet ..They arn t on separate channels at all .They compliment perfectly I would have it a guess that bits of their record collections would defiantly match as a clue to the DNA building blocks that have made their whole musical identity .

I cant wait for the new double album that s released in June .The full house that night has all had the pleasure of watching part of the new birth of the cool (as if it ever went away )He is converting a lot of people at the moment These are the Disciples of Coltrane his spirit messengers  .I was listening to a couple of 20 something blokes talking on the way back to my car on Camden high st saying to the other .That he had gone to Love Supreme last Summer and thought that he would have hated it .but ended up leaving with a head full of the diversity  and wanting more . Both my mum and dad were Beat niks so for me it was always there in the back of my head played at night when I was asleep. It penetrated my soul Charles Loyd/ Parker/ Miles Davis/ Jobim/ Getz  /Brubeck /Shorter Lester Young  and thats why .If you read this and then read Kitty Empires piece in the Guardian .We might have well been at separate gigs .I was 4 ft from the front staring up at them with a big grin on my face in a Sun Ra T shirt Av ing it .The press wern t where I was In mind or spirit . But then again Im not press .and the press get sent to assignments for money if they like it or not  I bought my ticket 3 seconds from the start of sale Cos it meant so much to me to have been part of it   .

Campfire x 

Love Campfire X



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