Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard Brixton Academy 21/2/18


"I had decided to purchase a circle ticket ,So I could sit in relative comfort and watch the endless stream of bodies crowd surf head long into the terrified security guarding the front of the stage from the " Gizz head invasion "!

I wanted to see Mild High Club who were supporting and collaborated on the Sketches of Brunswick East, but for some odd reason the audience seemed to stretch around 3 sides of the sold out  Academy when I left the Brixton Spoon .I don't know why and will never know, but the hundreds of people seemed to clear past the security pretty fast .I had decided to get a circle ticket ,so I could sit in relative comfort and watch the constant stream of bodies crowd surf head long into the terrified security guarding the  stage front from constant "Gizz head invasion"  .Stuff was flying everywhere down there .This was the 1st time that in the 30 odd years I have been seeing gigs here everyone stood for the gig in the circle .This band have the most fanatical fan base .If anyone is curious how fanatical just take a look at their fan Face book page .! The band are a work in progress and on a constant evolution  curve of groove  .Thats gone from raw garage psych in the beginning, into full on boundary pushing prog and duel drum powered lysergic freak out with crazed microtonal guitar tuning s and then into conceptual space rock and twisted Spaghetti western soundtracks with narrative .Where is it all going to end up .Defiantly not in the past .So last year they went and released 5 superb groundbreaking explorational   albums ,that are all very good .The last which was released at the end of December I think is my favorite out of the batch of insane out put  .It was just as everyone thought they weren't going to do it they did .

Live they are a phenomenal  force to be reckoned with  .Stu Makenzie has some trade mark axe welding stances .Sometimes he raises it up to his neck like a violin and he also sometimes arches his back over forwards so the neck of his guitar is vertical ,His hair hanging to the ground and then lifts it upwards as the sonic distortion arcs upwards with his spine in some kind of power surge  .Tonight they stopped for a half hour refreshment break .So the set was kind of split into two segments .that let the audience let one out and more in .They played no encore and the stage and lighting crew  left everyone in suspense for about 4 minutes ,but they had done the do and no band could have done it better .

I missed seeing them in the Moth a few years back .I think this was their biggest capacity London gig so far tonight  .I just hope they dont burn out because the creative intensity over the last 6 years is and has been phenomenal  3 guitars 2 drums and a bass and keys  .Its like a Roman Candle that shoots coloured light out of speaker stacks .My next gigs the 3 Days of 20 years of Rocket recordings up the Garage .One of the premier modern Psych labels with Gaguru Brain  Its in colaberation with Baba Yagas and DNP the promoters who wrecked the Foxygen St Johns church gig Hope lightening doesn t strike twice .Campfire x



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