Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Idris Ackamoore and the Pyrimids 20/11/2018


Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids .are a cult cosmic jazz outfit that conceptually goes back to the 70 s and firmly has its routes in spiritual free jazz that in turn has its routes deeply in Africa  and possibly from somewhere out in the cosmos somewhere aligned with the great pyramid at Giza .I just discovered them about 3 years ago up at Cafe Oto. .They were playing 2 nights and I caught the second  Idris offered me some of his packet of crisps when I walked in to get out of the cold but I had just scoffed a massive home made steak and kidney suet pudding and would have exploded if I had excepted his offer .It didnt offend him at all .

The Pyramids have just released a new LP .I had heard various tracks off of it before ,because when they recorded" We are Africans "there was much more quality material than that could be fitted onto it and just as well really because this new LP Ive left the link in the play list has been produced by Malcolm Catto ( Heliocentrics) and Malcolm understands completely about how to mix this  kind of music .The production on this new release is best described as Zen and is instantly recognizable to anyone whos ever gotten into the Heliocentrics  If any one goes back into my music blogs and got into its mind  set a bit Ive written about Sun Ra Orchestra /The Heliocentrics twice /Shabaka and the ancestors project twice .Mulatu Astatke The Cosmic Dawn Orchestra and the Chicago Jazz Ensemble (where I was chatting to Jake Ferguson ) who plays percussion in the Heliocentrics and Ive also written about  Pharaoh Saunders and Kamassi so my spiritual star alignment is in a not dissimilar orbit 

This gigs not sold out but thats unimportant  Idris performs a ritual of walking through the crowd before hand with his band playing acoustic instruments and it feels like its  casting a spell on everyone .The 1st time I watched Marshall Allens Sun Ra Orchestra they did this too and the  Cosmic Dawn Orchestra   do it too .

The Pyramids play 2 sets tonight, theres no support and its joyous .This time he has a young percussionist in the band and a different drummer ,the times previous the percussionist and the drummer would swap over mid set but the rhythms just as tight tonight and soaring heavenly  violin played by Sandra Poindexter and the fluid  guitar runs of David Molina and the Bass playings sublime .Idris plays sax Key boards and a Synth axe and sings and the spectacular pageantry of watching them perform is memorizing Its a whole performance art in its self and defiantly not a dying one either .The new albums stunning and I hope who ever reads this checks them out  because they are defiantly special and a beautiful thing to behold .For me I am just going to keep digging deeper and deeper and Im going to find even more music just as wonderful and my journey s just began !

Campfire x



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