Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Heliocentrics Rich Mix 1/6/2017


"When I got back to the Bagel bake the Pirate was still there .He was eating a packet of cheese and onion crisps .He said they tasted weird !"

I had decided to walk up Bethnal Green road that evening ,from the tube ,rather than cut down from Liverpool St, Its shorter but big bits of it are completely un interesting .Think square mile bank buildings and overpriced bars ,catering for the over waged people who reside in Hedge funds and bank head offices Even the architecture heading towards Shorditch Box park is bad taste, Maybe the Germans had flattened it in the 2nd WW .Theres nothing like the Grandiose architecture of say Willis Carroon on the Minories Tower Hill,ornately hand carved in stone from the colonial rape of South Africa s indigenous population,  just concrete and glass and steps and homeless people begging like the rest of London .Hoping for some small change from a man who could have probably just sold  the world and discarded copies of the Evening Standard 

Bethnal green Rd is the road that runs under the railway bridge .Its a real mish mash of Old meets new ,theres still 2 pie and mash shops .Then theres the Meze joints Bengal cafes fast food out lets ,Bottle shops ,independent grocer shops  The Super market chain versions ,dreamt up by their marketing and sales departments with the sole purpose of forcing the independent shops into extinction .bars and pubs and council flats .Then some Victorian boozers .Full of the new inhabitants who can afford the £5 pound pint s .As I walked half way down a group of Anglo Bengali youths on bicycles were hanging out on a corner ,One of them asked me aggressively if I smoked grass ?I just made eye contact smiled and said "No I didn't "and carried on walking .taking in the fumes ,smell of spice and smell of charcoal cooked meat..

Richmix is registered as a charity .Its quite a large building that houses an independent cinema and sells South Indian Dosa in the eating bit . ,and then theres the event gig space .It goes up on three floors.with different rooms . Tonight the gig had sold enough tickets to open the balcony bit ,that looks down onto the actual gig space .Rich Mix is very polite .I have visited it lots and seen loads of bands there .Its small and has bench seats down one side and a bar .For years I would never drink the draught beer in the place due to getting poisoned twice ,but they seam to clean the pipes now .touch wood 

As i had arrived early I got stamped and decided to go for a walk, down Brick lane, that starts almost opposite on the other side of the road ,The label had booked 4 tet doing a Dj set as support ,but I decided to go walk abouts .It was still hot that evening .I hardly recognized anything on Brick lane till I got to the Bagel Bake .I stopped and looked into the window and stared at the slab of Saltpeter red cured brisket almost falling to bits with its lush seams of fat running through it .As I was reminiscing back to the many times through the last 3 and a half decades of queuing up out side the place in darkness or early morning dawn sunlight after leaving a club hungry and exhausted waiting for the tube to start up .,or a night bus to take me home .A man pushing a pram dressed a pirate had stopped beside me and started to enter into conversation with me  He was black about 5ft 6" with a proper pirates beard hat .and tunic ,with a ply wood sword tucked into a belt .He had a guitar in the pram and what looked like a sleeping bag  .He looked two days unwashed .He  entered into conversation with me .and was quite disorientated to talk with , but had a charm to him .We talked politics and the deep fear looming if The Tories were to win  a land slide victory in the election and what it would mean for the future for anyone on a normal or bellow average income ,or had already fallen through the mesh of the net ?.I left him and carried on down towards the White Chapel  end of the road I could  remember a pub down one of the side roads that sold ESB with a proper old east end land lady who would sometimes serve at the bar in a dressing gown and carpet slippers ,smoking Talior mades  before the smoking ban , but I turned back .When I got back to the Bagel bake the Pirate was still there and he was eating a packet of cheese and onion crisps .he said they tasted weird .I gave him a quid and headed back to Rich mix.

This gig really was somewhere out there .I had no Idea what to expect ,apart from what I had seen on You tube .Live it was something else .THe Heliocentric s sound like some kind of beatnic Jazz deep psychedelic funk infused soundtrack to a 60's cult spy Movie .A bit like Miles burns the voodoo down in bits (Bitches brew) came to mind .I had to buy the album to deconstruct it for when I got home to make some sense of the experience .Its also bang in the future and was infact the perfect last gig for me before the election .They have a Solavakian woman called Barbora Patkova  on vocals.Shes blond about 35 + and covered with black tattoos .and was performing in front of the most tripped out back projection to the backing of the most cosmic psyched out and bits quite disturbing live sound track  .Her voice wasn t as good as on the album that night and I didnt think she had done that many live gigs the way she moved on stage ,but it was superb and the music wasn't easy to front .She was like a kind of glue holding it together ,giving it meaning.Giving the movie a plot almost   .I had told myself not to buy any more vinyl earlier in the year .I have accumulated a very large quantity of it and as a medium of storing music is ,expensive ,high maintenance,involves specialist equipment to enjoy it ,Its bulky and antiquated and weighs a ton ,But on this occasion I am glad I bought it ,because its now one of my favourite albums in my collection .I asked the man who sold it to me for a digital copy for the car and he kindly Drop boxed it to me the next day with 2 extra tracks .Thanks Mat from Kartel music .So all in all it was a very special gig for me .I saw Matuke Astateke earlier in the year .(check out my post of the Jazz Cafe Gig ) It felt like being in a happening for me that night .As for the album World of Masks Vinyl Factory has given it up in the top releases for the month .The lp also includes contributions from Shabaka Hutchings ,He plays with Sons of Kemet and a Comet is coming and Plays with Tori Handsley  the girl I saw up refreshment center playing a Tribute to Dorathy Landsbury with Moses Boyd who plays in 4 Tet ,the band doing the DJ set before the Heliocentrics came on .Cant wait for Love Supreme Festival Shabaka's playing in 3 bands .Ive seen Sons of Kemet twice before .I recommend checking them out .Pushing the music forwards and upwards .Like the new politics .If there is a Devine intervention it happened last Thursday when the good prevailed over the evil and the dictatorship was thwarted  hopefully for ever ! x



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