Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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All sounds of the earth are like music.


Heliocentrics Moth Club 4/5/18


"A World Of Masks turned out to be one of my most prized records in my collection ".

The Heliocentrics The 1st time I saw this band they genuinely disturbed me .It was Rich Mix last year .I was seeing them blind and they were launching an Album called ".A World Of Masks " and I bought a copy of it on the strength of it at the gig .just so I could unravel the complexity of the music, as one song melted into the next and the back projections randomly illuminated the group members in swirling predominantly lime green light .The singer was a woman in a black skin tight pencil dress who was covered in black tattoos wearing a weird green hat .The guitar sound was cutting into me .This album that I purchased has turned out to be one of my favourite of all time in my collection ,and now I don t know what I would do with out it ! Tonight they were a lot tighter than the 1st time I saw them .When they squeezed onto the very limited stage space that is the Moth Club Malcolm Catto came on 1st sat on the drum stool and started playing the dead same rhythm as the Heavy psychedelic funk that the DJ was playing .But heavier .I had been looking at the drum set up before they came on .It was very basic but set up with a bass drum and floor toms a symbol and one low set High hat.As he started to play it all became apparently clear it was all he needed for the tight heavy jazz drumming and High hat that drove it faultlessly through the whole set and encores .Barbora Patkova had really sorted her stage presents out and had what looked like a kind of broach design where here pineal gland was When I saw them last year she didn t look quite comfortable ,Tonight she was formidable .The musics not straight forward to sing to because its very complex .Tonight they were on a roll .I was at the front with a couple of my German mates and I know the Moth Has a Speaker system that is suspended from the ceiling that goes back in 3 tiers that can split into different channels so I dont know what the guy on the mixing desk was doing but the sound was superb where we were.The band consisted also of Jake Ferguson Bass and Vibes Jack Yglesias Organ percussion Flutes piano and violin /Ade Owusu guitar /Tom Hodges FX sax guitar and Ollie Parfit electronica and if the same as the LP notes Raven Bush (Strings ) .They came on about 10pm and played a long set It was perfect Psychedelia .The Djs tonight were Malcolm Mato /Doug Shipton and Tommaso Colliva and they were playing really rare groove heavy psychedelic funk mostly off vinyl and If I hadnt have had to get up early the next day would have carried on listening to the sets long after the 12.30 am when I left . All in all Perfection .My German mates had come along because I had raved on about this band and they were very impressed .They played Walthamstow Garden party too last year but they came on early and the cut back austerity sound system didnt do them justice. For me seeing them like this in the intimacy of the Moth was perfection .They have played with Matuke Astuke too and cut an album with him (see my Jazz Cafe write up ) Thank you Baba Yagas for promoting it .Go and see them next time they play. Sound crash put them on a bill with Hughie Morgan and the Hackney Collery  Brass band last year that I just didnt see the logic in at all .Tonight was better than good Well worth the trip out from the Chighood for. My next gigs up the Moth on Tuesday I am going to see part of The Space men 3 a band I saw lots When they started up in the 80's Sonic Booms Spectrum project .The Heliocentics just set the stakes very very high ! x Campfire



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