Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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All sounds of the earth are like music.


Fuzztones Thursday 25th Jan 100 Club with Galileo 7 and reminiscences of Screaming Jay Hawkins and Screaming Lord Sutch


"They were playing through vintage Vox Combi Amps .The sound was perfect !" "I can still remember Hawkins Smoking sculls on his piano " " Perform a cover of Jerry lee Lewis 's Great balls of fire by actually blowing fire balls up to the ceiling !"

I wasn t in the Mood for it when I got off the underground train at Tottenham  Court Rd trying to find my way out of the new renovated station and the right exit .When I bought the ticket I thought I would have been still working 100 yards up the road in Claridges and my plan would have been. Finnish work /shower and then walk down the road .Have a few beers ,See the bands and  go home .Rather than come up from home and then go back again..When I arrived the Gallieo 7 were playing .They consisted of Allan Crockford  of the Kent mod band The Prisoners and early JTQ a band I have seen loads of times and 3 other members   .They played a pretty good set of tight beat garage influenced songs with swirling organ  .Mostly original material  and an early Pink floyd cover , but I still wasn't up for it . When the Fuzz Tones came on the place had packed out to capacity and I was beginning to feel up for it now and charging up on the energy   .They were playing through vintage Vox Combi amps that meant the sound was perfect .A lot of the bands recorded releases suffered from 80s  production .This was very authentic hard  60s Garage sound  tonight .When I saw them with Screaming Jay Hawkins all those years ago I can Still remember Hawkins Smoking Sculls on his piano when he sang .He had one of the most powerful voices ever ".I put a Spell on you " has been covered so many times and I recon I have at least 4 versions .My prize a 1965 release Nina Simone LP of the same name that plays like mint that I purchased in a second hand record shop in the 80's  .I ve always found this music raw and exciting .Its simple and fast and its a pure strain of rock and roll dance music   .They played a cover of Screaming lord Sutch's Jack the Ripper .One of, if not the most mad gig I ever went to was to watch Screaming Lord Sutch and the Black Cats play  at the Marquee on Waldour street when I was at school .Sutch used alot of stage ideas nicked from Screaming Jay Hawkins ..I remember he was brought on stage in a coffin by his band and then went into the most deranged set I had ever witnessed .Half way through he brought on stage a metal bath tub ,the kind people used before proper plumbing in slums before the war ,then preceded to fill it with petrol and then perform a cover of Jerry Lee Lewis 's "Great balls of fire" by actually blowing fire balls up to the ceiling in the club which was low So every time the chorus went "Goodness gracious great balls of fire !"there was !   .When I left my nostrils were black .He also performed Jack the Ripper which brings me back to the original post .It started with his roadie chasing Sutch  around the crowd wearing a black police mans helmet and had long blond hair like a hippy Sutch was dressed like a vampire  .It started   with a small dagger ,but on each verse the weapons got bigger and bigger, a massive broad sword  and then climaxed with a gigantic real axe .Looking back on it the chances of him setting the place alight or at least accidently maiming someone was very high but these were the days before health and safety when rock and roll was dangerous !.I was glad I went to the gig in the end .I don t know for how much longer Rudi will be playing .Mark E Smith was Killed by death that week and .Rudi said in his stage banter that  he 1st discovered the world looked better after drinking Cough Syrup when he was 15 and by the look of him not much longer .The set was long fast and tight and his guitar playing and singing was spot on the ball  tight lead licks in between   repetitive tripped  3 cord bursts with nothing lasting over 3 mins  .The band were young and looked cool with black dyed  hair and had  defiantly Fuzz tone attitude . They breathed it and   did him proud . The crowd were going nuts and  mostly looked like they were in bands or had been .I was really happy when I left and made my way home .The Rock and Roll had done its magic  and the spirit of past memory had been re Lit Campfire x 



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