Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Foxygen St John's Hackney 7/10/2017


"I tried to get out of the place to escape the support ,drive up to Stokey for a turkish Pizza and come back in time for Foxygen " "The Pa sounded like it had been hired from Maplins" !

Foxygen were taking part in  Mathew E Whites Space Bomb project up the Barbican on the Friday.I saw no point of watching them in the sedated sterile environment of the concrete bleak  arts funded  design nightmare ,that the place is  .I always try and catch them when they come over. 1st time was up the Electric ballroom quite a few years back and it was basically 100% entertainment and then up Koko . Both times was like some mad sureal party going on .Most of the entire floor spaces of the venue was like some gigantic mosh pit with stuff flying everywhere liquid ,articles of clothing people .It was like watching twisted Vaudeville act that had been conjoined with Frank Zappa .It was theatrical .with costume changes warped stage choreography   and funny to watch and the music was and is like some plagiarist Magpie ,picking bits off of other artists but molding it into something new and fresh with a completely non pretentious delivery' that has no boundaries .

Tonight was the 1st time I had been in the St Johns Church Hackney for a gig .Its got a really high ceiling and high white walls The ceilings  dome shape that towers upwards, when one looks at the building from the out side . Brown  water damage stains permeate the  white wash .It has a wooden floor.Theres a big pipe church organ on another level about 40ft up and a massive burial casket on the way in . The gig was promoted by DHP . They had set up a make shift bar that was constantly 20 deep and was selling stubbie beer tins at £4 quid a pop and no free water , not worth 10 mins queuing for the right to purchase !.There was no re admittance .The support was Matt Maltese and the Sound was bouncing and distorting  horribly off the high ceiling with nothing to baffle it and the PA sounded like they had hired it from Maplins   The building had been designed for amplifying non electrically enhanced sound .I tried to get out of the place to escape  the support , drive up the road to Stokey  for a Turkish Pizza and come back in time for Foxygen .I asked the  bloke and woman sitting on chairs behind a desk who must have been the  promoters taking the tickets at the entrance desk  if I could go out to my car and come back but bloke mugged me off and said said," Ask the woman from Showsec if she would let me in and out" .She said the only place I could go was the outside smoking area where a toilet porter cabin had been left .So I was trapped , I still couldn't escape the support act s delusionary Scott Walker fixation and get to the water in my car  .Once they came off one side of the makeshift basic  lighting rig collapsed where someone hadn't tightened up one side of it properly .I Should have gone up to Larrys Lounge instead with my mates in Lewishham  

Foxygen were Ok it was the same line up as when I saw them in Koko when they were promoting Hang .They did the best considering the circumstance , and were lacking something tonight . .I felt they were a bit freaked out by the weird venue and the crowd .This crowd was older and was sprinkled with Hackney Hipster twats and collage age  young Americans .It was really sedated to the other times I had seen them .They did one encore and that was that .I was glad to get out of the place when it ended .Perhaps it was just me but I just found the whole vibe unpleasant and will never pay money to watch amplified music in an echo chamber of a stripped out church in Hackney ever again .They played for only a hour too .Said it all really . I hope they had a mad Saturday night  ,after all it was only 10.30 pm .I wish I had gone out on a mad one with them    There s always a next time though  and they are one of the best most entertaining  live acts  going     Shoot the promoter and the sound engineers   Regards Campfire x Next gigs Pigs Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs and Acid Mothers Temple (Baba Yagas promoting ) and I cant wait! x and in the imortal words of John Lydon "Have you ever felt you ve been swindled" ? Cos I felt I had been !



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