Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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All sounds of the earth are like music.


Day 2 Brownswood records ."We out here "(album launch )at Total refreshment center Stoke Newington Jan 26th 2018


"A celebration of survival and innovation.Of Jazz as a ritual,as collective improvisation and DIY ingenuity "(Tej Adeleye )

For me watching these young musicians play is like watching something really special evolve .They have absorbed everything .Its like a multi cultural and musical   evolutionary work in progress and they all interconnect.  They arn t trying to sound like anyone else but them selves and tonight and I am sure the night before too, something spiritual happened in this lovely warm venue tucked behind a petrol garage on Stoke Newington  rd Its purchased the  most superb sound system that looks like 2 posts, I guess under a foot wide and maybe 8ft high ,with a bank of individual speakers contained in each .Superb choice   .

When I 1st found out about the gigs I made sure I bought a ticket as soon as they went on sale (It sold out well in advance not surprisingly ).I had seen the Theon Cross band (also with Nubya Garcia) twice before and the equally superb Kokoroko once (supporting Ezra Collective  Islington Assembly hall ) and Joe Armon Jones who plays with them but not in his own band also featuring Nubya .

Tonight I msn ed the venue for the rough set times .I had decided to drive up and parked up on the main Rd and walked down the side rd next to the BP garage and got stamped  .Browns wood were selling merch and they had printed a free booklet for the 2 days .It contained the same text which appears inside the gate fold double vinyl written by Tej Adeleye .Who I think was the big man introducing the bands .It gives in sight on how 32 odd musicians came together and he calls the collaboration  on the record "A celebration of survival and innovation.Of Jazz as a ritual,as collective improvisation and DIY ingenuity" and I guess he just about summed it up .He writes  "The nasty Hideous proposition of the Brexit campaign ,the racism and open anti immigration sentiment once again garnering national populism" and I agree with him completely with this too and we don t need it do we ?.Its got no part in this countries social evolution at all .Just waster politicians like Farage  practicing populist  politics of hate  and where does that leave us ?
The venue were selling vegetarian food from big pans by the bar tonight that smelt delicious  .I had eaten before leaving so didn't partake 

All the 3 bands were superb Maisha consisted tonight  of Jake Long (Drums ) Nubya Garcia (flute and sax )Amane Suganami (piano )Twm Dylan (Double bass)and Tom Doyle( Percussion )and Artie Zaitz (Telecaster ) and they play I kind of really spacey latin afro  percussive funked up fusion  style,  .The music was beautiful spiritual and floating I ve left a Boiler room gig on the links  

Next was Tri Force .I hadnt a clue what Dominic Canning (piano) Mansur Brown (Guitar ) Ricco Komolate (Bass) and Benjimin Appiah   (Drums )were going to do and what they did was play mind bending tight  heavy fusion .I was watching the drummer and he had something Billy Cobham about him .Ive seen Cobham play up Ronnie Scots before and this guy was stunning and Infact they all were .I had spotted the bassist filming the Theon Cross and Shabbaka sets up the Ancestors gig  last year .This was crisp clean and fresh .Quite alot of people had seen them before and were very excited .This was my Ist and I am going to check them out again 

Nubya Garcia band .Nubya Garcia (sax) Joe Armon -Jones( Piano ) He plays in Ezra collective too ,serious groove fusion player Daniel Casimir (Double Bass ) and Femi Kolleosa (drums ) I actually bought the download for this bands LP off bandcamp .Its again a thing of beauty and I will leave a you tube copy in my links .so hopefully who ever checks it out  will enjoy it as much as I have .I just wish I had bought a vinyl copy of it .

So that s it really. I will just explain why I left the paintings as the header picture .Right through the gig a girl was painting the bands and this was left where she had finished them . When Nubya finished her last set and the place started to empty, I took that photo because it completely summed up what I had just experienced more than words .Perfect freshly spontaneously  created like the night    Campfire x





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