Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Brain Feeder Showcase Brixton Academy 15/12/2018


"I had all faith that the" Mother "of 3D light show rigs was about to be unleashed and by all accounts it defiantly was unleashed tonight !"

Tonight was cold ,and it had been raining, with high wind all day and I had felt like I was going down with flu earlier on, having gotten chilled through the night before but a hot bath fixed it .When these tickets went on sale I bought one straight away on the strength of watching Thundercat and Flying Lotus up the Round House a few years back .I hadnt heard of Thundercat till that night and he was tucked in the right hand side of the Roundhouse stage with his 3 piece and I marveled at his superfast bass runs with more bounce than Bootsy  that locked with the drums and keys in some kind of mad jazz  fusion, It incorporated a twisting  kind of funk  that I hadnt quite heard before accompanied by his  high pitch singing voice and it blew me away how much coordination and dexterity  he possessed, to sing and play like this with its mad Rhythm.He s on Kamasi s Epic (also on Brainfeeder label )Then I watched him again in a tent on Blackheath common at the Middle class Waitrose aparthide festival on a guest ticket with Connan Mocassin straight after  .

I had been listening to bits of  Gilles Petersons 6 radio broadcast whilst doing odds and sods through the afternoon . He had been interviewing Flying Lotus and there was a lot of mutual respect going on and it felt they had known each other a long time   ,Gilles was  playing up at the Brixton gig too and in between the labels electronica played  Nancy Wilson (The great soul /Jazz/ funk singer had died a couple of days before) and he also dropped some of her tonight in his short  DJ set in between sets , she was still on his mind 

When I reached Brixton I stopped for a pint in the Brixspoon and sat by the window with the Anglo Jamacan guys who always sit there and they offered me a seat that was nice of them and I sat contemplating what was in store for me when I got into the venue .There was a snake of people    going right round the building the size that I hadnt seen since I saw the Gizz their earlier in the year .It moved fast .Their was a drug dog intimidating people near the entrance .It liked the smell of my North face climbing shoes but it was fox shit I had trodden in earlier  and it didnt give the handler the right kind of wag .

I had a stalls ticket and wished I was up in the balcony that night ,It was going to be a long time standing up but I stand up for a living at the moment anyway .The place was filling up now and I think it was Dorian Concept playing when I took my pitch .He had a back projection of someone playing a synth Keyboard behind him, fingers hitting keys at different speeds .I quite enjoyed his set .Next on after Gilles played the filler was Georgia Anne Muldrow .She was playing with a bass player and someone on keys and my only explanation was that they couldn't have sound checked .The mix was so bad the sound didnt balance at all and the high treble when she screamed was making people around me cover their ears to protect them from damage and the sound engineer did nothing about it .She had a perm afro like the woman on the front  cover of Maggot Brain and she sported  oversize sun glasses and she was joined by a black guy for a couple of songs She played two un audible bongos that were also mixed into oblivion .and the crap sound did them no favours at all and it carried on that way until 2 songs into Thundercat ,when the sound engineer must have finally woken up and started to do what he was paid for 

When entering the venue boxes of 3d glasses were given out they weren't the paper red green lenses but solid plastic red framed ones with a different colour filter Last time I watched him, he was standing in a morphing green box of mutating image and light that really impressed me .This time I hadnt a clue what he had devised but I had all faith that the mother of 3d light shows was about to be unleashed and by all accounts it definatly was tonight   .The crowd was so packed together it felt like the venue had exceeded its legal 5000 limit  capacity, it was like a massive upright tin of sardines sparking in anticipation 

Flying Lotus Is for me a pioneer of a new  kind psychedelia and his music moves according to his boundless imagination.and locks into  .I was flashing back in time whilst the excitement grew to maybe 25 odd years back and watching Apex Twin from the balcony in the same venue It was the 1st time I had come across him and he succeeded in  paralyzing  me for what felt like a life time  playing the sound of water hitting the surface tension of a cup of water at different frequencies and speeds at a Hawkwind  alnighter .Tonight Flying Lotus fused the maddest experiment in electronica and earth shattering  bass lines  with the "Mother of all 3dimentional light shows" and it was a seriously bonkers intense hour long journey into a true mind expanding experience !

I was standing central, about middle from the stage front, and the mixing desk and the optical illusion seamed to have a 100ft depth to it . I watched both over and through the glasses to try and suss it out .It felt that at one point I had boulders of space rock  spinning in3 d glory coming  towards me and stop, about 20ft from my head .Their was a horizontal shaped green obilisk shaped space craft if my memory serves me right , that morphed out and its sleak lines projected  towards me too .Their were humanoid heads, changing depth and profile colour and shape and all accompanied with a viscious,  multispectrum lazer bararge .I normally shoot my own footage to link with my articles but it would have not been fair to the other people trying to watch, and it would have messed up my mental focus doing so and it would have missed alot of the light filters as well,  It would have been flat,  so I am using some one else s off of You tube this time .(I have footage of his Roundhouse show but the sound quality is crap ) So once again Flying Lotus kept me intensely enthralled and locked in and focused, something that very few electronic artists have ever done for me .I stayed a while longer their was an American bloke who was playing electronica where Gilles Peterson had been playing  The American was panto knob twiddling ,  but he was getting on my tits and then I stayed for a bit longer to watch some people with a sax guitar and keyboards mixer but I had had my techno jollys by this point and left to head back home .Orbital had been playing the same night and I was glad I wasnt there .This was something else This was the future 

Campfire x 



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