Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
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Binker and Moses with Jason Yarde and Anthony Joseph Support (Jazz Cafe 12/9/18 )


"They both have the most amazing grasp of differential of sound rhythm and pitch Speed and space something very few musicians do as well as technical technique "

My 1st experience of Moses Boyd was also the 1st time I ever visited Total refreshment Center .It was a Sunday night and I had decided to head into Stokey to watch Tori Handsley  perform a tribute to Dorothy Ashby ,the place wasnt packed .So there I was sitting at a table on a wonky chair supping a tin of Red Stripe looking directly at a  harp with a stool , a drum kit and a if I remember rightly a black bodied Fender electric bass,  waiting for the musicians to come on ,and when they did one of them was Moses and ever since then I became a fan .Tonights my 1st time Ive watched Binker Golding and it isnt going to be my last either .

 I managed to get home from a job a hour early on the tube and  had time to relax for a bit before driving up to Camden .I can remember the Jazz cafe when it was the Camden Town branch of Barclays bank and have seen more people in it than Ive got ticket stubs for the nights Quality memories from back in time .The new Art Decco Faux 30s make over and enlarged capacity and sound system has grown on me .I didnt like it when I first went back after the re fit but now feel quite at home in it 

Jason Yarde and Anthony Joseph

.Tonight Ive decided to take up position right on the corner of the stage  where Jasons set up a circle of Fx peddles consisting of time delays multi track loop peddles and  various other bits and pieces that will enable him to create spontaneously  rich layers of sound to play with .A mike stand also stands within the circle .He starts by explaining to the audience what he was going to try and do and that was to create  free form Jazz improvisation and that he would also be adjusting the peddles whilst looping  riffs .I was right in front of him .He made a joke about 40 year + old men with ripped jeans and connected with the crowd and succeeded to  create his improvised set .At one point he got the audience to hum like in a mantra pitch which gave us all a fealling of becoming part of it  He also  welcomed onto the stage his mate Anthony Joseph making a joke that he had tried to blag a guest ticket off him but he had got him to do some thing for it .Anthony recited a poem about visiting his Caribbean roots whilst Jason created the compliment to the spoken word .All in all he did a fine opener but what happened next couldn't really be topped by any one 

Binker and Moses 

The Guardian press photographer had decided to take pitch center with his £1000 s of cameras and lenses .but Ive decided with my phone and a 20mp point and shoot Sony to take up position on the right hand corner so that I  can zone  my attention directly in a diagonal with my focal point on Moses and his kit and I also liked the lighting angle   ..The  sets no messing about both of them seam to have some kind of extra sensory perception of each others sonic intention  which means in lay mans terms they are just about to blow Number 5 Parkway into some kind of free Jazz duo  orbit and they did.Moses comes on wearing a Jazz Refreshed Smooth Jazz Sucks T shirt over another black t shirt that he takes off before commencing  .I picked up bits of Sonny Rollins riffs . I havent listened yet to what they have put down on wax but I had no idea they were going to smash it like this .No one even spoke to the audience for most of the set, they were both so locked into the zone ..There was no encore but all the chemical reaction had been burned   They both have the most amazing grasp of differential of sound and rhythm and pitch  and technical technic  I clocked this with Moses the 1st time I ever watched him play.Binkers got this gift too  .So between them they created something most probably no one else ever could and I am glad I sneaked the bit of footage I have included here and I hope I havent upset anyone doing so  This was about 10 mins in when I started it and it did actually get even tighter !..

So now 24 hours later Ive written it up for prosperity and I am still trying to get my head round it .Kamal Williams left me in a similar state after his Village underground gig earlier in the year Wow and for all those new generation of Jazz heads who are feeling the power  off this creative wave thats crackling around them as I type. All I can comment is that the best is yet to come and London at the moment seams to have something happening at the moment big time .I wish my father was still alive to witness this too but may be his spirit is through me at least I hope so .He died the same day as the Twin Towers and I was thinking of him  Next stop Mulatu Astatke 

Campfire x



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