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Your ideas make Campfire : How to submit for CC002.UK


Campfire Convention's summer event is all about a coming together of members, a gathering of ideas, a forum for discussion, a platform for new ideas and initiatives and a series of resolutions on how we can move forward to make the world a better place.

If you would like to submit ideas for this year's programme, whether a panel, talk, thinkshop, film session, installation, exhibition or other idea, we have set up a Programme Beacon Project to which you can post your concept. 

1 Go to the Project splash page and, send a message to the Project owner asking if you can join as a collaborator (if you are not already)

2 Create a Post, detailing your programme idea. 

Suggesting an idea is a simple process and the requirements for an idea to be considered for inclusion are;

Session Name:

Session Idea:

Session Participants:

Session Length:

Person responsible for the session happening:

Technical requirements (Sound, light, projections etc):

Do you have the resources or materials needed to produce the session?

Are there any extra tickets required for participants?

Is any budget required?


Taking on a session for the event is a big responsibility and many other people will expect it to happen once it is publicised. Being certain that you have the skills, resources, technology, materials and participants is essential, being able to demonstrate that the the organising team helps too!.

3 Select Projects then 'Programme Beacon' and Publish your idea to it. 

4 You can also post your idea to the event forum thread 



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