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Winchcombe : Going Out with a Blaze


A great way to finish our summer season of Campfire Conversation events at Hannah and Tony's inaugural Winchfest.

The staging of this one had a remarkable back story. In early June one Sunday afternoon I pulled up at a pub on the outskirts of Winchcombe by chance, having read that it was a good place for a camper van stopver. It was a pleasant sunny afternoon so I went in and bought my local cider and came out to look for a spot in the garden. A couple were sitting under the trees and the guy came up and started asking me about Campfire. I began to tell him the story and he stopped me at that point, saying that they had checked the web address (on the van), read about the Conversation events and already emailed me to ask if they could host one! Serendipity... this was the upshot of that chance encounter and one of the best too.

I arrived mid afternoon Saturday after missing Friday night's festivities and performances which everyone was talking about. We immediately set up a small but perfectly formed sound system (thanks @Angela France ) and I manned the laptop for nearly three hours, spoanning English folk to reggae, US 70s Americana to Tamla Motown, via some jump jive and swing whilst we ate Tony's excellent chilli.

Then the fire was lit, the sun set leaving starry skies and an almost full moon .. some great conversations, debates and insights (more later on this), followed by more informal chats, wine and beer, and campfire-side chats continuing well into the small hours

Thanks again to all - a memorable end to the Campfire summer season.



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