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About this guild

The place to discuss our ethos, aims, ambitions, campaigns, initiatives, events, membership ideas, editorial policy and how we develop the site.




What is Campfire


Campfire Convention is a new social network and platform for creative people seeking an alternative space. We believe that there is a desire for a new community, led by its members which can grow into a vibrant ecosystem where people can come together to share common interests, passions, ethics and motivations, whether related to work or play.  We aim to provide an environment where members can bring about personal and social change, free of many of the restrictions and machinations associated with commercial interests.

Campfire aims to be different. The Campfire platform is designed to be truly progressive in an era where increasingly Facebook/Google-style algorithms define and categorise us according to commercial imperatives. The priorities of the Campfire community will be shaped by its members.

Like a traditional campfire gathering, members may want to tell their story, celebrate song, discuss issues of the day, explore possibilities, start a movement, showcase work and ideas, campaign, chase dreams or find out what’s going on in the world. Or just chill.

Campfire has been devised and is led by social entrepreneur Pete Lawrence, the founder of the successful Cooking Vinyl record label and Big Chill festivals. The Big Chill was well known for its thriving and proactive online community before the current mainstream social networks were established. 

Those gathering around the Campfire will be empowered to contribute, enthuse and energise the wider community to help make the sparks ignite. 




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