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This week's Campfire Sparks


We have many more Conversations planned, starting with Brighton this Friday and taking in Frome, Ashburton and Bath later in the month. Axbridge is about to come on stream and Malvern Hills bookings are already open. We hope to be adding more too...

Welcome to the merry month of May!

We have just completed a very successful Hay On Wye Campfire Conversation to kick off the season, held in the packed Old Electric Shop and here’s my report.  We’ve already agreed to set up a Hay Beacon (more on that later) and inked in a post-election date - Wednesday June 14th - for the next meeting in the town.

The Alternative UK  are making great strides and working closely with Campfire to harness the restless energy for personal, local and global change that is manifest and offering a Daily Alternative. Indra will be talking about their initiative to reimagine politics at The Brighton Campfire Conversation this Friday, which I am very much looking forward to and very much chimes with my ideas for Trailblazer politics

As for the Campfire site, it has been a lively week on The Bugle with another excellent @Sean Prentice article following up his landmark article “Does Your Utopia Have Disabled Access’ (which was discussed at Hay) with some personal thoughts on schooling as it presently exists in early-twenty-first-century Britain : Birth, School, Work, Death.

@Sharon Prendergast  has set up a Project ‘Loving It... Live’  to include reviews of live gigs. Her review of a recent Rhiannon Giddens gig is included. Other reviews welcome!  @Jeremy Pearce  has reviewed Laetitia Source Ensemble and hopefully will join Sharon's Project so that his review can be included. 

@Lou Mycroft’s Soundings Connections and Constellations taps into another excellent Alternative UK post and reminds us that when we meet other similar thinkers, "rather than seeing them as rivals we embrace their energy and the diversity of their new perspectives"

@Kimm Fearnley's travels have taken her to Rishkesh, self-styled global yoga capital - and her accounts of broken toes and pithy and spontaneous exchanges with a ruthless 'street artist’ are well worth a read!  

New member @Kate Edgley has written poignantly about her late Marxist father in Memories of My Marxist Dad and wonders what he would have made of Brexit, May and Corbyn, as well as “the social injustices being meted out to Britain's disadvantaged today” 

Please don’t stop submitting your posts, they all help keep the site flowing and are valued by our members. If you haven’t got time to create posts, please feel free to offer comment or likes. It helps keep those who are doing the work enthused and engaged!

Have a great week...

Pete x



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