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Videos of Campfire Convention 002.UK thinkshops

By Pete Lawrence, 21 November 2017 18:35
Is the existing political party duopoly past its sell by date and is it time to sweep it aside and usher in a new way of doing politics, which also involves a new story, new ways of political thinking and new democratic processes?
We need an innovative rethink and a new imagining about how learning in the 21st Century can engage our children, young people and indeed our educators
The challenge of our moment is to reconnect : to ourselves, to others and to the Earth through our endeavours. We have to consider all aspects of sustainability : the environment, economics and social equity
Food is a perfect storm of fashion and politics Food production is now so geared towards making profits for shareholders and corporations that it has lost site of its primary purpose – nourishment, wellbeing and feeding our world at its most basic level
Relationships are key and who we meet, often randomly, have a fundamental impact on our lives. Co-housing schemes and co-working spaces are helping the switch to systems more based on collective values
'There Are No Gods' - Sally Hughes keynote speech
EQ uses the spring and autumn equinoxes as annual moments of total equality on the planet for all mankind. In marking these moments, twice a year every year, perhaps we as humans can put aside all divisions of border, race, religion and difference....
Moving forward with Campfire via our Campfire Conversations, Projects and Beacons
Tobias Hug leads the Campfire Circle Singing
Somerset based poet Liv Torc reads out her poem written on the day
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