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Sparks 091217 : Hope, short film, musical excellence and Brexit fudge


With just over three weeks until the new year, 2017 has already been momentous in many ways, I'm sure most of us will agree that they have not all been good. In our never-ending quest for a hopeful future, don't doubt that Campfire will remain unrelenting in its positivity for helping bring about social change. 

If you have any thoughts, recollections, hopes, dreams or just something you need to get off your chest, we'd welcome your posts as part of the 2017 Project. Please come and join us. We've already had a poignant contribution from @Andie Brazewell where he talks about the delicate balance of life his unexpected illness whilst travelling and how the recovery period has given him good time for reflection.

Greece-based new member @Marq Riley nominates the making of his excellent short film 'Way Up North' about a wedding photographers' convention in Stockholm.  Our Sound Guild editor @Steve Hoare reviews the year in music with some excellent selections. If you are into books or film, travel or politics, it would be great to hear your take on any insights or ideas that 2017 has offered you, what made the cut for you over the last twelve months.

Here's my own take on 2017's highlights. If you'd rather just record yours in audio for our end of year Firecast, please try out our Speak Pipe connection (beware Safari users it doesn't work!). Yes, you can 'phone in' your comments and the app gives you a chance to review your contribution before sending. We have some great contributions already but would love yours too if you haven't yet contributed. 

Whatever your passions or fears, you can be sure of a open reception from the Campfire community. 

Maybe you still haven't overdosed on Brexit this week? If you need to get up to speed on the latest, including Michael Gove's rant this morning, check out the round-up and join the debate by reading @Justin Burton's weekend summary 'Brexit Fudge'

Wishing you a good weekend. Stay warm wherever you are...

Pete x 



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