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Sparks 030218 : This week around the Campfire


Lots happening around the Campfire as we move in February. Last weekend, Brighton and Worthing Beacons launched with meetings and I’m writing this update from @Kimm Fearnley’s kitchen in Bournemouth with delicious smells all around me as Kimm, @Clare Ryalls (Clareryalls)@  and @Cate Baker (Cate-Baker)@ are preparing for this afternoon’s vegan feast.

The Beacons certainly seem to be gearing up. They are a good potential way to focus activity in local areas so that members of community can come together and not only talk about the rapid social and political change that is going on all around them but actually work out pragmatic ways to act upon it as well as becoming a resource for what is happening locally. Last weekend’s Brighton meeting was productive and focussed - thanks to @Mads Ryle, @Kate Edgley  and @Jenny Barrett  in particlar on that event and we will be able to read their exciting ideas soon. Thanks to @Eugenie Arrowsmith Pepper (EugenieAP)@ for a lively launch in Worthing too on Sunday afternoon.

We’ve never had as much reaction to an article as we have had on Kimm Fearnley’s first profile on the victims of homelessness, in this case Gary the Saddhu. As Kimm says “We need to talk about Kevin, the homeless man who died his week in a ditch close to the golden sandy beaches of Bournemouth amid rumours his sleeping bag had been disposed of by council staff but we also need to talk about Carl and Carly, Andy, Lee, Barney, Anna and all the other shadow-dwellers sleeping rough across Britain. CC's Bournemouth Beacon members have been supporting the local food kitchen and Andy Scaysbrook and Kimm Fearnley have been listening to their stories and capturing the words and the pictures." The work that the Bournemouth Beacon is achieving in that direction should be applauded and is already an inspiration throughout the Campfire community.  

Elsewhere on Campfire, much to delight in this week as @Steve Hoare celebrates the life of cult musical maverick Mark E.Smith, while we can enjoy some more delicious vegan recipes from resident masterchef @Jeremy Pearce and a few pointers from myself to potential future directions for the music business whereby musicians might just have options to take control thanks to Voise and blockchain. Jeremy has also been busy with live music reviews so check his wall for those.

@Michelle Spriddell  has set up an Alternatives to Plastic Project which is already a focus for many and can collate some important resources.

At Campfire central, we are putting plans in place to announce a new initiative around our Beacons for 2018 which we hope to announce next week.. watch this space.

Our steering group meet for the first time via Zoom yesterday and we have a face-to-face meeting planned for early March, with lots of activity planned as spring and summer come into view.

Please keep your posts, updates, Projects, comments coming and enjoy the weekend

Pete x






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